Why choose skipping rope to lose weight? Jump rope for 10 minutes, burning fat effect is equivalent to running for 30 minutes!

Many people compare rope skipping with running, because running is our most common weight loss exercise. The fat burning effect of running is still OK, and rope skipping as a new way of burning fat will naturally be questioned.

However, a group of data from the fitness circle show that the fat burning effect of rope skipping for 10 minutes is equivalent to that of running for 30 minutes, which also shows that rope skipping has a very good weight loss effect.

and if rope skipping really needs to be compared with running, many aspects should be given priority over running, such as fat burning effect, time, exercise efficiency, etc. Which do you prefer, rope skipping or running as fat burning exercises?

1. Compared with rope skipping and running, rope skipping takes shorter time. Generally speaking, skipping for 20 minutes can achieve a good effect of burning fat, and sticking to 3 minutes of rope skipping is enough to make you sweat profusely.

and the best time to burn fat for running is about 40-45 minutes, which means that when you run for such a long time, it is the best burning fat state. For office workers who have no time to exercise, rope skipping is the best choice.

2. Rope skipping is more convenient and faster than running. Because you only need a rope skipping to start skipping, and for running, you need to run outdoors. If it rains, you can’t run or you have to go to the gym to train. For running, there are still some limitations.

3. Compared with rope skipping and running, rope skipping has a much better effect on burning fat than running, because rope skipping is more intense and running is lower. If you want to speed up the efficiency of weight loss, rope skipping is also the best choice.

4. Compared with rope skipping and running, rope skipping can not only achieve the effect of burning fat and reducing fat, but also can effectively slow down the loss of muscle and shape the muscle figure curve of the lower body.

for long-term runners, part of their muscles will be lost, and their bodies will not have the beauty of muscle lines. Rope skipping is a better choice for people who want to lose weight and shape.

5. Rope skipping is easier to stick to than running. Because rope skipping is carried out in groups, can get a rest in the interval time, the time is relatively short, easy to stick to.

in addition, rope skipping is more challenging and interesting, and running in a long time will inevitably feel boring, and many people’s physical fitness will not keep up with the time.

many people have a bad habit: in the process of rope skipping, the knee will bend naturally. During the falling process, the weight of the body will exert great pressure and damage on the knee and joints, causing many people to feel that their knees are painful or useless.

for beginners, it is estimated that it is difficult to jump 40 rope jumps at the beginning. If you jump slowly, you will find that your body quickly adapts to this rhythm, and you can start to increase the difficulty.

choose a pair of soft shoes and don’t jump rope one hour before eating, and do not exercise within one hour after meal. People with large body weight or patients with heart disease are not suitable for rope skipping. HEALTHY LIFE