Why do Chinese people like to take a bath at night while foreigners like to take a bath in the morning? What’s the difference?

Different people have different habits, different nationalities and countries, and the differences in customs and habits may be even more different. Take the bath as an example, some people like to take a bath, some people prefer to take a shower, some people like to take a bath with soap, some people prefer to use bath lotion for cleaning In many different ways, there are some similarities. For example, most of us Chinese take a bath at night, while most foreigners take a bath in the morning. What causes the difference between Chinese and foreign bath? Is there any difference between taking a bath in the morning and in the evening? < / P > < p > the first reason is to wake up the body with a bath to stimulate the vitality of the day. The reason why foreigners like to take a bath in the morning is that they think that after a night’s sleep, the body is in a “slack” state, and the brain is relatively slow. At this time, if you take a shower, you can promote blood circulation, reactivate the body cells, and make the body function and restore vitality. As for the foreign friend’s saying, I specially tried it once. Indeed, when I touched the water, my whole body was smart, and my brain seemed to wake up immediately. After taking a bath, I felt warm, and my whole body was energetic. I would like to praise the foreign friend from this point. < / P > < p > the second reason is to remove the body odor and make a good impression. The reason why we choose to take a bath in the morning is also due to the “secret sorrow” of most foreigners. We know that foreigners love perfume because most of them have the problem of body odor. According to the survey data, nearly 70% of foreigners have developed sweat glands and are born with a strong body odor. After a night’s metabolism, this odor will be more intense. Therefore, most foreigners choose to take a bath before going out in the morning, in order to clean the body odor and make themselves more relaxed when going out. This is also a kind of social etiquette. < / P > < p > the first reason is that there is more dirt in the body at the end of the day, so we choose to take a bath at night for the sake of hygiene. We Chinese like to take a bath at night. This is because the night is the end of the day. After a whole day of contact with the outside world, the skin surface is easy to be contaminated with a lot of dust and harmful substances. In addition to the accumulation of harmful substances from the external environment, our body also produces a lot of waste after a day’s metabolism. All these things will be piled on the surface of our skin If you don’t clean it in time, your body will be vulnerable to bacteria. The second reason is to relieve fatigue and promote sleep. After a whole day’s hard work, the biggest wish of our Chinese people is to go home quickly, have a delicious dinner with our family, and then take a comfortable hot bath. Taking a hot bath can speed up our blood circulation, relieve muscle soreness and other symptoms caused by fatigue. When people take a bath, it’s easy to relax and make our mood happy. When our body and mind are fully relaxed, sleepiness will come. Therefore, taking a bath at night can help us relieve fatigue and make us sleep better. < / P > < p > in fact, the effect of bathing itself on the human body is not very different. It can promote blood circulation and help us get a better physical and mental state. < / P > < p > due to the different constitutions and concepts of Chinese and foreigners, foreigners prefer to take a bath in the morning, while Chinese prefer to take a bath in the evening. CUISINE&HEALTH