Why do female stars dare not show their faces? See Weiya take off makeup to know, netizen: it’s a change of person

No matter how lazy ordinary people go out, they still wear light make-up, not to mention the female stars who have to face the public and the camera every day. No wonder they dare not “take off makeup publicly” easily, because there is a big difference between plain face and make-up. < / P > < p > as a famous beauty blogger, weia’s makeup is no inferior to that of a female star. Her eyelashes, especially her eyelashes, are long and curly, which makes her eyes look more than twice as big. She is the same frame as Qi Wei, who claims to have cut her double eyelids. She also has more points. < p > < p > Weiya almost never appears in front of the camera until she recently appeared on a reality show. After removing her makeup, she looks like an ordinary person. Her eyes with the most prominent facial features usually look pale and look very small and old. Even netizens comment that she looks like a new person. < p > < p > like the actress Ni Ni Ni, in the early years of the program, she looked like she didn’t recognize her face. Although her skin was more resistant to beatings, her eyes were dull and she was very old-fashioned. < p > < p > Zhao Liying, who has a “girly face”, has a pair of bright and divine eyes, which really adds a lot to her girlish feeling. However, her eyes are also very weak after she takes off her makeup. Without that aura and charm, she can’t be called delicate. < p > < p > < p > < p > “plain face” Zhou Dongyu is still a girl, very pure, but she is a single eyelid and small eyes, the whole face has become dim, and after brushing curly eyelashes, the face “shines brilliantly”, and people feel delicate and advanced. It can be seen that a pair of smart eyes cannot be separated from long curled eyelashes. Many female stars even wear sunglasses even when they go out of the house with plain face. It is because they do not have the blessing of long eyelashes and their eyes have no “aura”, which is quite different.

‘s makeup is what the girls know. Before viya had been in the live broadcast for a few hours, she appeared to have had her eyelashes off her makeup, which was embarrassing. But then she didn’t appear to be wearing makeup. She could see that it was very long. Until recently, she was asked by the fans what Mascara she had used.

my girlfriend love to see the broadcast of Victoria. So she grows grass mascara. She gave me crazy Amway. I spent more than a month, and found it was really good. The key is that even if the hand trembling does not bestie, the eyelashes that are painted are really long and natural.

originally because this mascara has two kinds of brush heads, " tower " the main type of brush head is the slender function, the eyelashes can be brushed with a long, slender and uniform, so that the eyelashes look like “slender and distinct” effect, save time and effort.

is even more black technology, the mascara brush head is still flexible, flexural “Crescent” brush head is very flexible, brush eyelashes will not touch other places, can take good care of the corner of the eye location.

I don’t know if you can massage like what I do. When you paint your eye cream, you can massage a few hands with your hands. But in fact, it has little effect on the fine lines. This mascara has a diamond ball, which is to massage the eyes of the pigs and girls and dredge the blood of the eyes, so that the fine lines around the eyes can be eliminated. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!