Why do female stars have three daughters? On the happiness of having a baby, it is self-evident that there is a gap between the top actresses

In recent years, more and more people rush to their daughters to have a second child. There is a “daughter tide” in the society. You know, in the eyes of these parents, compared with the heartless boy, the daughter is the real intimate little padded jacket, so for the sake of a happy life in old age, it is extremely necessary to have a daughter!

my best friend is pregnant for six months. This is her second baby. This pregnancy is for her daughter. However, Dabao of her best friend is a daughter. She is usually clever, polite and very beautiful. There are always many boys in the class giving snacks, which makes her happy.

However, as Dabao grows up day by day, her best friend and her husband discuss whether to have another baby and make Dabao a companion. But my best friend and husband have the same idea. It’s better to have a baby girl. When the time comes to get married, there will be two houses in the family, one for each, and there will be no wrangling when they are dowries. But if you have a son, it’s not only naughty but also hard to discipline. In the future, you may not even find a partner. What worries my best friend is that when I have a daughter-in-law and forget my mother, it’s really better to have a daughter.

in fact, a few years ago, “one child and one daughter” was the best combination of children in parents’ minds. But recently, with the change of social thinking, people’s desire for having sons is getting lower and lower, and they just want to have children. Therefore, compared with one daughter, two daughters give parents the most sense of security and happiness.

in addition to the public’s increasing desire for daughters, stars are also eager to have daughters. Many of them even have three daughters! Don’t you say you don’t know? Are you scared? After all, having one daughter is a little padded jacket, and having three is a down jacket?

Lizi, the goddess of Hong Kong, has always been the goddess in people’s eyes. After she married her rich husband Ma Yanqiang, she quit the entertainment industry and gave birth to three daughters, two of whom are twins.

when some netizens saw the girls’ looks, they all said that they wasted Lizi’s good genes and all looked like dad. But no matter how the child’s face, her husband’s love for Lizi is absolutely 100%, so Lizi is also the most enviable actress to join the rich family.

once upon a time, Qiu Shuzhen was a sexy goddess in the Hong Kong film industry, with a unique figure and face. After marrying Shen Jiawei, chairman of the fashion group, Qiu Shuzhen no longer makes movies in the street, but gives birth to her baby at home.

in just a few years, Qiu Shuzhen gave birth to three daughters in succession. After giving birth to her youngest daughter in 2008, she announced that she was no longer pregnant. In a rich family, the birth of a baby is bound to be looked down upon by family members, but this does not happen to Qiu Shuzhen. Moreover, her eldest daughter’s face is as good as hers.

Alyssa Chia, who gave birth to her daughter, Wu Tong Mei, became known to her former husband in divorce proceedings. In the end, she spent a lot of money on her daughter’s custody. Jia Jingwen is now in a very good relationship with her husband xiujiekai after marriage, and has two little daughters, Huihui and boniu. The family is very happy.

of course, a lot of media asked her: “if she and her current two children are daughters, would she feel too sorry?” For this reason, Jia Jingwen said that her husband preferred her daughter and thought that her son was too naughty to love him. In life, from Jia Jingwen’s photos, we can see that Xiu Jiekai really dotes on his daughters and does many things by himself.

as a well-known variety show host in Taiwan, Xiao s has always been known for her fiery tongue, but she has encountered a lot of troubles after she married Xu Yajun. For example, because of her husband’s playful heart being filmed, domestic violence and other problems, and because Xiao s has only three daughters, she once mocked herself on the program that “she can’t have a son.”.

but the good thing is that her daughter grows up day by day, and her growth is excellent. Compared with her son, she is no inferior. Therefore, it’s really not so important to have boys and girls.

before their marriage, Christy Chung and Zhang lunshuo had two short marriages, each of which gave birth to children. After obtaining the license with Zhang lunshuo, Zhong has been actively preparing for pregnancy, and wants to have a son for her husband. She also makes major adjustments in her diet, but she doesn’t know why she just can’t conceive.

but her three daughters are very beautiful. The eldest daughter is of mixed race, the second daughter and the third daughter are eccentric and very popular. As a result of years of physical exercise, Christy Chung’s excellent physical fitness, is now Bo fourth child.

in fact, it’s true that boys and girls are all the same, but we are more strict in the way of educating boys, not as soft and cute as our daughters. However, if you have seen a friend, you should understand that as a warm man, he is no inferior to a girl, and he knows how to protect his mother at a young age. Therefore, boys and girls are born by fate, they are all our treasures! 08/17/2020