Why do French women still have white teeth when they drink coffee every day?

As an urban beauty, I have to have a cup of coffee every day when I go to work. If I don’t drink it for a day, I can’t feel excited. But if I drink so much coffee and colored drinks for a long time, my teeth will become more and more yellow and I dare not smile generously.

stars can whiten teeth with cold light or make porcelain teeth, but for ordinary people, we don’t have such strict requirements for the mirror, we don’t need white as paper, as long as we keep clean and tidy.

of course, the most basic step in oral care is one of the things we have to do every day – brushing our teeth. Although the habit of brushing our teeth twice a day seems to be something we are born with, what we should pay attention to is that many people “brush the wrong teeth”.

when taking the toothbrush, half of the toothbrush should be brushed on the front of the teeth and the other half on the gums. Tilt the toothbrush so that the bristles point toward the gum line, repeating for each tooth on the inside and outside.

the toothbrush should be moved up and down, and the head of the brush should swing back and forth. You can also use a small circle with a brush to clean the entire surface so that the bristles slide gently under the gums.

in addition to paying attention to the basic step of brushing teeth, there is also an important step to clean teeth, which is to floss the teeth. A lot of people are not used to floss, but use toothpicks.

toothpicks are actually very bad. If used for a long time, the gap between teeth will become larger, resulting in a vicious circle that is easier to plug. And dental floss won’t, not only won’t make the gap between teeth bigger, but also can do a good job in cleaning, to ensure that the mouth is clean.

pearl drops is from the United Kingdom. It may not be well-known in China. It is a very popular toothpaste brand in Europe and the United States, and even sister-in-law carries goods for it.

pearl drops focuses on tooth whitening, which is supported by clinical experimental data, which proves that the whitening effect of toothpaste is real and effective. Many people in Europe and the United States are coffee, so they naturally pay attention to tooth whitening.

there is a famous brand of Pearl super bright white toothpaste in the star bright white combination. It can not only whiten teeth well, but also resist dental plaque, freshen breath and take care of oral cavity. The effect can be said to be very comprehensive.

another pearl whitening toothpaste in the combination has a special whitening formula PPA * physical polishing, which can absorb stains and avoid enamel wear, and whitening ability is faster and more obvious.

there is a little skill to use. It is more recommended that you brush your teeth dry. You don’t need to gargle or wet your toothbrush. The effect of direct dry brushing will be better. Brushing time is generally controlled in 2-3 minutes, too short will not clean, too long is not good for teeth.

if you eat garlic or something with heavy taste, your breath will become an obstacle to your social intercourse. To avoid breath problems, mouthwash is a very effective oral care product.

the limited co branded cocktail inspired mouthwash launched by devil & amp; detail joint lifestyle concept store little B and international fashion brand dirty pineapple stands out in many mouthwashes by its beauty alone.

this cocktail mouthwash is added with bright white ingredients malic acid and sodium bicarbonate, which can reduce the problem of dental stains. Mild taste, can also deep clean the mouth, eliminate oral odor.

it uses food grade ingredients, abandons synthetic menthol and selects plant extracted natural menthol and xylitol, which can effectively prevent dental caries, regulate oral pH, and improve oral problems in many ways.

what’s more, the package is beautiful and fashionable. I didn’t expect that the mouthwash can also capture the beauty Party’s heart. A small one is easy to carry. You can put two in the bag to take out everyday.

Dr. wild is a very professional oral care brand. It was founded in Switzerland in 1932 and inherited by three generations of its founders, which has a history of 89 years. All products of Dr. wild are only sold in Swiss stomatological hospitals and pharmacies in Switzerland, and are also the exclusive brand of dentists in Europe.

don’t look at such a small toothpaste. Dr. wild spent 20 years in research and development, using bionic technology, curalox. In it, he won the technology and won the Swiss science and technology award.

we all know that enamel is the protective layer of teeth. When someone eats ice and acid, they will have toothache. In fact, it is because your enamel layer has been damaged, which may lead to dental caries after a long time.

the toothpaste paste contains small polypeptide molecules. The peptide monomer combines with calcium ions in saliva to form a matrix to remineralize enamel and form a barrier to protect teeth. Using nano repair technology, small molecules can penetrate into the dentin through the small space of enamel layer, and repair enamel deeply.

tea tree oil breath freshing spray is also recommended by Swiss dentists as an oral care product. It was developed in Dr. Wild Basel laboratory.

tea tree oil breath freshener spray from the Alps spring, after 40 purification process, Swiss pharmaceutical factory standards are reassuring.

tea tree essential oil has a good bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, and can balance oral bacterial flora. Swiss test certificate shows that it has a positive effect on dental plaque and gingivitis.

Kent brush, founded in 1777, is one of the oldest companies in the UK and the exclusive brush manufacturer for the queen of England. Kent is famous for haircombs and men’s grooming brushes, but it also has many good oral care products.

generally, we only use toothbrush. Tongue coating cleaner is not a regular brush, but it is necessary to brush tongue coating after brushing teeth. Brushing teeth can only clean about 25% of oral bacteria, but with tongue coating brush, about 75% of oral bacteria can be eliminated.

it can also avoid the formation of sulfide between food residue and oxygen on the tongue, which may lead to bad breath. It’s easy to use, scraping off the residue on your tongue once a day.

Waterpik, the inventor of dental punch with more than 100 patents, has been specializing in tooth punching for 58 years. It is the first and only dental punch brand in the world that has been certified by ADA authority.

water floss is a lifesaver for people who have problems with bad breath caused by food residues or are inconvenient to wear braces to clean their mouth. Moreover, many people who have just tried water dental floss will be powdered by it and abandon the traditional floss. Several clinical research reports have verified the effectiveness and safety of the jade tooth punch

the magnetic levitation acoustic motor has a vibration frequency of 39600 beats / min. it has been certified by the China Academy of daily chemical industry and can significantly whiten teeth after using it for 4 weeks.

with 30 days’ service life, you can set out at any time when you put it into a travel box. It’s very practical. The gift box of mint spirit is beautifully packed, and it is also suitable for sending people!

gingivitis, periodontitis, so oral cleaning can not be ignored. Ci is one of the top three oral care products companies in Japan. It provides oral care products for dental clinics. Its toothbrush has won the design award.

it’s better to protect your bad teeth for your own health. We should learn the correct way to brush teeth, use appropriate oral cleaning products, and keep oral cavity clean=“ https://luanban.com/category/pet/ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>Pets