Why does “big aunt” visit, can discharge the blood clot like “flesh”? Is it normal?

Female friends can be said to be very familiar with menstruation, after all, it will accompany us for decades. It’s easy to judge the health of your menstruation by observing the color of your menstruation. When some women come to menstruation, they find that they always discharge blood clots like “meat”. They are worried that there is something wrong with their body. Is this situation normal? < / P > < p > many women don’t know much about menstruation. Although their mother will tell them to use sanitary napkins at the first menarche, they seldom tell them about it. This also leads to some women discharge blood clots, will be very worried. In fact, this phenomenon is relatively normal, menstruation itself is caused by endometrial abscission, the enzyme contained in the endometrium makes the blood not coagulate, so there is no blood clot in the outflow of menstrual blood. But if the bleeding speed is fast, the amount of bleeding is more, the enzyme is reduced, the blood will coagulate to form blood clots, and there is no need to worry about the occasional blood clot. < / P > < p > but if there are a lot of blood clots during each menstruation, it is likely that there are problems in the body. We must find out the causes in time before we can take targeted measures. < / P > < p > when this phenomenon appears, the first thing I think about is gynecological inflammation. Women’s physiological structure is relatively special, it is easy to be attacked by bacteria, and then can induce inflammation. At this time, women can judge whether there is inflammation by observing their leucorrhea. If they find that leucorrhea has blood silk, they should pay attention to it. Menstrual period always has blood clot to appear, also may be the endometrium appears abnormal, need to find out the reason in time, can symptomatic conditioning. < / P > < p > when women come to menstruation, their menstrual blood volume has a normal range. If it is found that the menstrual blood volume is too much, and there are always blood clots like “meat” in the menstrual blood, you need to pay attention to whether there are other adverse symptoms in the body. For example, dizziness, body weakness and so on, if it is the appearance of these symptoms, it is likely to be the performance of anemia. < / P > < p > women who are sedentary are more likely to have blood clots. This is because sitting for a long time, the blood circulation speed is slow, and when the blood accumulates together, it will form congestion. Usually eat too much cold food, or do not pay attention to keep warm, will have a bad impact on the health of the uterus, when discharging menstrual blood, you will also see blood clots, want to improve this phenomenon, you need to avoid sedentary, pay attention to keep warm, eat less cold food, blood clots will gradually reduce. During menstruation, women should pay attention to a lot of things. Only by doing a good job in body care can we reduce blood clots and reduce various discomfort. When menstruation comes, many women will have back pain, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms, bad symptoms will make people’s mood become very unstable, and will become more sleepy, these symptoms are normal, women should adjust their emotions, maintain a happy mood, so as to make their body comfortable. < / P > < p > during menstrual period, women must do a good job in hygiene, change their underwear frequently and change sanitary napkins frequently. Underwear should be placed in the sun after washing, so as to kill bacteria. Menstrual period also pay attention to diet, eat more warm food, drink more hot water, can accelerate the discharge of menstrual blood, thereby reducing the discomfort of the body. < / P > < p > it is normal for women to have blood clots occasionally during menstruation. However, if blood clots occur frequently, attention should be paid to them. Timely measures can improve the symptoms. Menstruation has a lot of attention, to maintain personal hygiene, reasonable diet, more rest, maintain a good mood, in order to comfortable through the menstrual period. Focus