Why does some female 21 days come menstruation, some want 35 days? What is the difference between the two?

Basically, after adolescence, girls will have a worry every month, when will menstruation come. Some girls usually write down the date of their good friend’s arrival on the calendar to understand the cycle in order to avoid the situation of being in a hurry.

visiting once a month, menstruation runs through nearly half of a woman’s life, from an ignorant girl to her first mother’s final menopause. Many women reflect that menstruation will have special changes, their cycle will always be different from their peers, what is going on?

each female friend’s uterine development status is different. Some people have a rapid development of follicles. After hormone secretion stimulates endometrial formation, they can be discharged from the body as soon as possible through blood. In some people, it takes a long time for follicles to mature, and the cycle of each month is correspondingly prolonged.

different menstrual cycles have a certain impact on the probability of pregnancy. To be precise, 21 days to menstruation after a long period of rolling, a month may appear twice ovulation period, if you want to have a baby as soon as possible, perhaps 21 days to menstruation of the female probability is higher.

but the partner who menstruates once in 35 days has only one ovulation period per month. If the vitality of the egg is damaged due to illness, the possibility of pregnancy will be greatly reduced. But don’t lose heart. Everyone’s constitution is different, and pregnancy is something that both husband and wife accomplish together. It’s not difficult to keep a good attitude towards pregnancy, and the cycle only plays an auxiliary role.

in addition, the length of menstrual cycle may also affect the time of menopause. Menstruation is a process of ovulation, a woman’s life may need to exclude about 400, 21 days to a row will be faster than 35 to row the speed, may be earlier facing menopause.

menopause means the aging of women. Women who have menstruation once in 21 days should maintain their uterus as soon as possible after the age of 40, supplement calcium and estrogen, and regulate the body from menopause. However, people who come once every 35 days should not be complacent. If they maintain the wrong living habits for a long time, menopause will come earlier.

especially for office workers and female friends with high emotional pressure, we should pay close attention to the menstrual cycle. If the cycle changes suddenly, it’s mostly self-made. Menstruation is sometimes a barometer of gynecological diseases, and changes in the cycle may indicate health problems.

to be exact, no matter what kind of menstrual cycle it is, as long as the regular pattern is maintained for a long time, there is no need to worry too much. Everyone’s uterine development is different, diet, living habits may cause changes in menstruation, occasional changes, once or twice, normal heart treatment can be.

if the menstrual cycle changes from time to time, accompanied by abnormal leucorrhea and other problems, it is recommended to take precautions against gynecological diseases as soon as possible. Some 21 days to menstruation worry about the speed of aging faster than others, in fact, as long as you maintain a good body hormone level, the speed of aging will be stable and controllable.

if menopause is approaching, it is recommended to keep enough sleep every day to improve the secretion and operation of hormones in the body. Usually smile, good mood, endocrine coordination function can be improved. 21 days and 35 days are just signs of health. It’s more important to take good care of your body.

generally speaking, the menstrual cycle has two effects on women’s body, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. No matter what kind of you belong to, as long as the body does not feel unwell, and long-term hormone stability, no gynecological diseases, safely face every menstrual arrival. HEALTHY LIFE