Why does the girl grow slower after menstruation? The answer is simple, but many people are wrong

Girls to menstruation, on behalf of the initial fertility, how their own health in the future, can also be inferred from the menstrual cycle, menstrual volume, menstrual blood color. It can be said that girls menstruation is a sign of entering an important physiological stage. However, there is a problem that many people have found that girls grow slower after menstruation. < / P > < p > in life, many girls grow the fastest one year or so before menarche, and the growth rate of height begins to slow down six months after menarche. Some data also show that girls grow 6-8cm in height every year before menarche, while girls only have 5-7.5cm in height after menstruation. Now this data is also verified in many girls. So, why does the girl come after menstruation, grow slow? < / P > < p > I once heard an explanation that “it is difficult for girls to grow high after menstruation, because menstruation is the ripening agent for girls”. This view is that menstruation as the main factor affecting the growth of girls, that girls after menstruation, physical development is limited. But in fact, this statement is not accurate. < / P > < p > the reason is that it reverses the causal relationship between girls’ physical maturity and menstruation. Menstruation is not a sign of the beginning of puberty, on the contrary, menstruation is the girl’s physical development into the middle and late, sexual development has been close to maturity, just come. Girls to menstruation, growth space is already very limited. < / P > < p > under normal circumstances, girls menstruate at the age of 12-13. If a girl comes to menstruation before the age of 10, it may be that her puberty comes too early, which implies that her physical development and bone maturation will be accelerated, and her epiphysis will be closed ahead of time, and she will be shorter than her peers in the future. It is suggested that parents should pay attention to the early menstruation of girls. < / P > < p > otherwise, girls’ short stature caused by early development is easy to cause certain psychological problems. Early maturing girls are also prone to puppy love, early marriage, early childbearing and other behaviors, which will bring great changes to the girl’s life and affect her happy life. < / P > < p > girls’ early menstruation has a lot to do with their living habits. At present, girls in the process of growing up, facing environmental pollution, food safety, drug residues and other severe tests, so girls’ menstruation is easier to come early. Here, we suggest that parents raise girls and prevent girls from menstruating too early. There are several problems that need to be paid attention to. < / P > < p > first of all, we should pay attention to improve the girl’s dietary structure, ensure that her daily intake of nutrition is balanced, and let the girl eat less or no food containing hormones. Secondly, to avoid the girls living in the environment of chemical pollution, such as the existence of chemical enterprises in their residence, which seriously pollutes the environment, it is better to move out as soon as possible. Finally, we should control the reading materials and film and television works that few girls have access to. We should not let girls watch works that are not in line with their age. These can effectively prevent the emergence of precocious girls. Focus