“Why don’t you prepare the knife paper?” There is a big difference between knife paper and roll paper. Pregnant mother knows in advance and gets less training

No, my friend was born with a baby a few days ago. Because he was not ready for labor, he was scolded by the doctor as soon as he entered the delivery room. My friend said that because she was the first child, her father-in-law and parents were not around. She had no experience with her husband. So, I don’t know how to prepare things for production. In addition, the baby is suddenly half a month ahead of the start, a lot of things for labor are temporary buy. On the day of delivery and hospitalization, the doctor told them to buy knife paper, but she and her husband didn’t know what knife paper was. As a result, the husband in a hurry to buy some good quality mother and baby roll paper in the supermarket. As a result, when she arrived at the delivery room, the doctor scolded her: “why don’t you prepare the knife paper?” And then let the nurse inform the family to send in the knife paper. < / P > < p > friends don’t understand. What’s the difference between knife paper and roll paper? Isn’t it all for wiping? As a matter of fact, there is a big difference between knife paper and roll paper. The pregnant mother knows in advance and gets less training. < / P > < p > before making clear the difference between the two, we need to know what is “knife paper”. Knife paper is a kind of toilet paper for women’s production. It is different from ordinary roll paper. It is mostly rectangular and large in size, about 48CM in length and 28cm in width. It is different from the ordinary roll paper, toilet paper and draw paper we use. The specific differences and uses are as follows: < / P > < p > we know that internal inspection should be done before production. The main thing is to see how many fingers have been opened at the entrance of the palace to judge whether the time of production is ripe and whether it is necessary to enter the delivery room quickly. And every time the internal examination, most of the secretions will flow out, which needs to be quickly wiped with knife paper. And the ordinary roll of paper, but also to tear drag, the doctor is not convenient to hold, maternal drag bulky body itself is not convenient. < / P > < p > knife paper does not go through deinking, pulp washing, bleaching and other processes. Compared with ordinary toilet paper, knife paper is softer and more absorbent. Therefore, when the maternal water, red, will make the delivery bed everywhere, need to use a lot of paper to wipe, broad, soft, absorbent knife paper is more practical. Moreover, the knife paper is more hygienic, which is very suitable for the weak puerpera. < / P > < p > I remember when I was a newborn, it was the doctor who broke the water artificially. As soon as the water broke, a warm current came out. I was very worried about soiling the delivery bed, but the doctor said that the knife paper had been padded under it. Don’t worry. At that time, I knew why the doctor repeatedly stressed the need to prepare knife paper, which was really useful. < / P > < p > as we know, the knife paper is expanded and has a large area, so it is very convenient to wipe the sweat, blood, amniotic fluid, urine and feces of pregnant women. Moreover, it can also be directly spread under the body and thrown away when it is dirty, which can help the puerpera avoid embarrassment. On the contrary, if you use a roll of paper, you have to pull a lot of it, and then put it together and spread it underneath. It’s not only unsafe, but also unsafe. To sum up, knife paper is very practical in convenience, comfort, hygiene, size and so on. Therefore, before giving birth to a child, pregnant mothers must understand in advance, so as not to prepare for the wrong training. < / P > < p > I heard some Baoma say that they didn’t use knife paper because they had a mattress. The puerperal cushion has the effect of water isolation, so the bed can be spread on the bed to avoid soiling the bed. However, it’s just anti fouling. When it comes to wiping, you still have to use knife paper. Of course, the puerperal pad is mostly used in postpartum, because the maternal to row lochia, it is easy to dirty the bed. In order to avoid trouble and embarrassment, it is best to prepare the mattress in advance. However, because of the poor air permeability of the maternity pad, in order to be comfortable and hygienic, remember to change frequently. < / P > < p > because of lochia after delivery, it is easy to dirty underwear, pregnant women are weak after delivery, and it is not convenient to clean. If you let your family wash, it’s not only embarrassing, but also not easy to dry in the hospital for a few days. Therefore, it’s better to prepare disposable underwear in advance, so that you can throw them when they are dirty, and you don’t need to ask for cleaning. < / P > < p > this anti overflow pad is also very practical, because many Baoma will start to secrete milk after delivery. If they secrete a large amount of milk, they will soak their clothes carelessly and look embarrassed. Therefore, prepare some anti overflow pad for postpartum use, not only can prevent embarrassment, but also frequently change, feeding is relatively hygienic. < / P > < p > in a word, pregnant mothers must pay attention to preparing for labor bags. If they don’t understand, they can ask the doctor, or they can ask experienced Baoma for menstruation. Don’t be short of this and that, and buy it in a hurry before delivery. What’s more, if you don’t prepare or make a mistake, you will be easily taught by doctors, and you should buy it in advance. Pets