Why don’t you recommend running every day and how much time is appropriate in a week?

Professional runners run every day in order to achieve results. High intensity and high frequency are common practice. They constantly improve their oxygen uptake ability and anti lactate threshold, and develop their bodies to the extreme. Although the results are improved rapidly, there is no need to envy or imitate others. Long distance runners are basically injured. Although there are some track and field stars such as Wang Junxia and Sun Yingjie, they are also abnormal Some experts say that the life span of extreme athletes is generally shorter than that of normal people! It’s not groundless. Over overdraft of one’s own body is no different from chronic suicide. Two exercises a day, intensive support, and nearly 1000 kilometers of running volume in a month are beyond our reach. So far, the peak period of professional runners is generally very short. After 35 years old, they are basically on the verge of retirement. As an amateur, there is no need to run so fast, so far, and let the energy release slowly. Some amateurs, at the age of 40, usher in their peak period. The more they run, the more demon they will become. The older and stronger they will be. Regardless of the speed and endurance, they will be able to stably output. The more they run, the more relaxed they will be. Sometimes, if they run every day, they will often lengthen the distance, but the effect will not be good Combination, appropriate running intensity, is enough!

meniscus has a life span. Grinding it once and reducing it once. Especially for old runners, it is always more important to maintain the knee than to run. A classmate of mine once served as a soldier in the army. In order to be advanced, he didn’t warm up and wore rubber shoes or boots. After four years, although he could not get applause, his meniscus was seriously worn due to improper running methods So far, I have been struggling to get down the stairs. What I fear most about my knees is that, firstly, I run in a wrong way; secondly, I can’t pass the running shoes; thirdly, I’m over exercising; fourthly, I’m blindly chasing after the speed; fifthly, I’m running too often; sixth, the ground is too hard. Running every day is doomed to be unreliable. Take a proper rest for two days to give the body a buffer; or add light strength training to improve the strength and flexibility of muscles around the knee, so that it is elastic and not easy to be injured when running.

if you break through yourself and improve your performance, you should follow the principle of combining running with rest. You should take a rest day for two runs or one rest day for three runs, so as to buffer the body and adjust it to the best state. If you train with fatigue, the efficiency will be greatly reduced, and the body will easily collapse. The training subjects should also be gradual and orderly, with oxygen intensity aerobic, so as to switch the transition from strength to strength In my mind, aerobic jogging is enough to warm up, adjust and recover! It’s not necessary to start half horse. For speed training, it’s enough to rush 5-10 groups with short and long training! For example, 5 x 800 m, 10 x 400 m; there is no need to rush to exhaustion, physical overdraft, any training has leeway, run still want to run, still want to run, still want to hit, the same, not because of fatigue rest, but rest well, will not be tired, listen to the voice of the body, a run heart rate is high, muscle soreness, insomnia, loss of appetite and other symptoms, you should choose Rest and adjust.

running every day has a great impact on the muscles. If you are in a high load running state for a long time, you have to have a good rest, which will lead to fatigue and fatigue. If you run more and more, you will become less energetic. You will walk mechanically and laboriously! There is a sense of powerless tucking up in the extreme. Every step of the race makes people make complaints about life. The legs are heavy with lead. And every day, high intensity training will cause your muscles to produce a lot of metabolic waste. These metabolic wastes will damage our muscles. You will find that every high-intensity exercise will cause you to ache all over the body, and it will last for a long time. People who have run the whole horse will have a similar feeling, trying to relieve muscle pressure by stretching and jogging.

for amateurs, running 3-4 times a week, 10-15km each time, is enough! Follow the principle of jogging warm-up 2km + training subjects + 2km aerobic relaxation, let the body start slowly, but also let the body slowly stop. If you get up too fast or stop too quickly, it’s a big taboo. After a long time, it’s not good for your body. Don’t worry. Take your time and play steadily! Each exercise 45 minutes to 60 minutes is good, for amateurs, simply for fitness purposes, more than 100 kilometers a month is enough! For the purpose of competition, it is good to run more than 200 points a month to ensure the intensity, and properly pull a long distance, 25-27-30 km, so as to switch step by step. It is suggested that the single exercise time should not exceed 2 hours, that is to say, the long-distance time should be controlled at about 2 hours, so as to facilitate the recovery of the body. Focus