Why is cancer easy to relapse? Is there any way to prevent it? Look at the doctor’s analysis

After so many years of development, medicine has been greatly improved, many cancers are no longer incurable, some early cancers can achieve a high cure rate. The general treatment is through surgery combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but there is a problem that has plagued patients and doctors, that is, cancer is easy to relapse after surgery. Many cancers recur in the two to three years after surgery, longer than five years. According to statistics, the recurrence rate of cancer after surgical treatment has reached 60%, which seriously puzzles doctors and patients. One of the reasons is that the cancer cells are not removed completely. In the early stage, the cure rate of cancer is still very high. However, with the doctor’s eyes, only the lesions that can be seen by the naked eye, that is, tumors, can be removed. However, there are still a lot of cancer cells still in the body. These cancer cells can not be seen through the naked eye, so they can not be completely removed. These residual cancer cells in the human body, if there are suitable conditions, with the right soil, it will again crazy reproduction, the formation of new tumors. The second reason is that surgery can not change the constitution of cancer. How do you explain this? Is the operation can remove your focus, the malignant tumor to resection, otherwise it will occur metastasis. But the patient itself has a long-term immune problems, unable to resist the invasion of cancer cells, there is no way to cure. In other words, there is cancer gene in itself. Surgery can’t change the gene, so there is no way to make it not relapse. The current medical means can only be to cut off the malignant tumor, can not do to change the patient’s own situation. < / P > < p > the third reason is that when cancer occurs, cancer cells in the human body cannot be removed. Although postoperative chemotherapy can kill a large number of cancer cells, many cancer cells will escape. These escaped cancer cells are seeds. Once enough soil is given to it, it can grow again. This soil is the environment for its survival, that is, the low immunity, Immune system can’t resist the attack of cancer cells, and it will start to grow. And surgical treatment and chemotherapy will make people’s immunity reduced, so the possibility of recurrence is relatively large. < / P > < p > first of all, we should constantly enhance our own immunity, which is the most important. Only when this ability is improved can we resist the invasion of cancer cells and play a decisive role in preventing the recurrence of cancer. < / P > < p > secondly, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice to prevent the recurrence of cancer or early detection and treatment. In addition, we should develop good living habits. Don’t smoke or drink. It’s an old saying. Don’t feel that you are already very healthy. You don’t need to worry about it. You may drink too much and stay up late. At ordinary times, we should exercise more, improve our physical functions, face life with an optimistic attitude, and live with confidence. < / P > < p > generally speaking, surgical treatment of cancer is only the beginning of treatment, and it is particularly important to prevent cancer recurrence and pay attention to your own health. 20