Why is cancer so difficult to overcome? Oncologist: the most fundamental problem cannot be solved

In 2019, Aebi, an Israeli biotechnology company, said that it would launch a “all-around therapy” that could completely cure cancer within a year. < / P > < p > Aebi calls the treatment mutato, which contains a toxin that specifically kills cancer cells without affecting normal cells. What’s amazing is that mutato also contains cancer targeting peptides that work with toxins to kill cancer cells. < / P > < p > chairman of Aebi. The scientist, Mr. aridor, claims that the new treatment “works from day one and lasts for weeks. Its side effects are very small or almost no, and the cost is far lower than the existing cancer therapies on the market. We believe that a complete cure of cancer will be provided within one year. < / P > < p > cancer can be cured in a few weeks. Once reported by the news media, the global response is enthusiastic. Every year, more than 10 million families are suffering from cancer. Is it so easy to solve the cancer problem that countless scientists want to solve day and night? < p > < p > Dr. Ben Neel, director of the Perlmutter cancer center at New York University, believes that cancer is not a single disease, and that the company is unlikely to cure multiple diseases with a single treatment, which is an irresponsible and false promise to cancer patients. < p > < p > the chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, Dr. len lichtenfeld, posted an article on the society’s website questioning the new treatment, saying, “we all hope it’s right, but unfortunately, we have to realize that this method has not been proven to be effective for cancer patients, let alone cured.” < / P > < p > in his opinion, the company’s research has not published any academic articles and has not been reviewed by peers; the company’s research has not yet carried out clinical trials. At present, the conclusion of the experiment is only limited to the “mouse experiment” in the exploration stage, and does not reveal the principle of this therapy. There are many unknowns in the transition from animal experiment to human experiment. < / P > < p > based on the judgment of many experts, Israel Aebi company seems to be “bluffing”. As experts say, cancer is still a disease that is difficult to cure. If you want to make progress in this field, you must pay attention to the research step by step. Cancer has always been the metaphor of “king of diseases”. According to who statistics, in 2018, there were 18.1 million new cancer cases worldwide, and 9.6 million people died of cancer. In 2019, the National Cancer Center released the latest data. In 2015, the number of cancer patients in China was about 3.929 million, nearly 4 million. The pathogenic factors of cancer are not only caused by external factors. For exogenous diseases, the treatment will only kill bacteria, and will not affect human cells. However, for cancer, cancer cells are “blackened” from normal cells, and their essence is still cells. Therefore, in the process of treatment, whether drugs or means, will also play a role in normal cells of the human body. There is uncertainty in cancer cells, which is affected by genes. The two patients with lung cancer are not exactly the same. Cancer is a disease caused by gene mutation. Each patient has different mutation combinations. < / P > < p > cancer cells are quite “smart”. They can adapt and evolve quickly to unfamiliar environments. They can hide in normal cells and escape the “attack” of drugs on them, making the human body produce drug resistance in the process of treatment. < / P > < p > the treatment of malignant tumors has made great progress in recent decades. Many previously known as “incurable diseases” have made great progress in the treatment of malignant tumors, but for advanced malignant tumors, the treatment methods still fail to achieve ideal results. The unprofessional behavior of Israel’s Aebi company, which boasted about Haikou, overdrawn people’s attention again and again. Modern medicine is not the era of black box operation for a long time, and there is no room for making a big splash. The research and development of new cancer therapy needs several years or even more time, during which many experiments have to be carried out to verify its safety and effectiveness. < / P > < p > in each tumor experiment, what we do, what we have done, how forward-looking, and what the probability of success is, will be closely watched by peers around the world. This therapy, which has not been “deliberated” for many times and has not been published in journals, has been widely publicized in the media. The vast majority of this therapy is for the sake of stock price speculation, and it has ended up with nothing in the end. < p > < p > References: [1]. E-medicine global. February 1, 2019 [2]. Medical oncology channel. February 7, 2019 [3]. China business news. November 04, 2018= https://luanban.com/category/focus/ target=_ blank>Focus