Why is it that some people open the palace slowly, some are very fast? There are four main reasons. Pregnant women are lucky

For a mother who has a natural birth, the hardest thing to do is to open the palace finger. But why do some people in the same delivery room open fast, while others are slow?

Manman’s pain was very severe when she gave birth and opened her uterine fingers. She was forced to hold on for a whole night, but Baoma, who was in the same room with her, was pushed to the delivery room in just three or four hours, which made her really envious.

later, the doctor came in to check the degree of opening the finger. Manman asked in a puzzled way, “doctor, why is that mother so fast that I have been in pain for ten hours without any effect?”

the doctor explained, “it’s a second child. Once it’s born, it’s twice cooked.” It turns out that the speed of opening the cervix is faster than that of primipara. Due to the first delivery basis, the body organs have memory, and the cervix, birth canal and perineum tissue are relatively soft. When the uterine contraction begins, the resistance of cervical ostium expansion is smaller, and the speed is naturally faster. With the experience of opening the fingers, it is naturally icing on the cake.

we all know that childbirth requires full opening of ten fingers, and there are changes in this process, which are usually divided into three stages, and the feelings of pregnant mothers at each stage are also different.

when in labor, the opening of the fingers starts from regular contractions. At first, the opening of the cervix is slow and the pain is low, which is within the scope of the pregnant mother’s body.

when the cervix is opened to three fingers, the pregnant mother will enter the delivery room. At this stage, the frequency of uterine contraction will be accelerated, the expansion speed of cervical orifice will increase rapidly, and the pain will be more intense. Most mothers feel that every minute is suffering.

once it reaches eight fingers, it is not far away from the dawn of victory. At this time, the mother to be will enter the delivery room and be ready to give birth at any time. The pain is also very strong, but if you bear it, it will pass.

some primiparas may have pain for 10 hours, while multipara may only need 6-8 hours. So what are the factors that affect the speed of the index?

abnormal fetal position is the first factor affecting the opening of the uterine cervix. Under normal circumstances, the fetal head is downward, and the cervix is connected properly. The hands are crossed and the legs are curled up. Under the effect of regular uterine contraction, they move down slowly to make the opening of the uterine orifice of the pregnant mother smoother. The baby with abnormal fetus will frequently change their positions, and the uterine contraction suffered by the pregnant mother is more frequent and severe The speed will decrease.

the speed of opening the uterus is closely related to the mother’s labor force. It includes the ability of uterine contraction and abdominal wall muscle contraction. If the uterine contraction ability is strong, the cervical orifice will expand faster. Conversely, the pregnant mother with uterine atony will easily lead to prolonged labor. If the mother to be knows how to use force in accordance with the law of uterine contraction, it will not only speed up the opening of fingers, but also avoid tearing and side cutting.

it is difficult for a primipara to relax when giving birth to a baby. It puts too much psychological pressure on herself, so that the muscles are always in a tense state, which will slow down the speed of opening fingers.

before parturition, taking a proper walk can promote the opening of the uterine orifice, or under the guidance of a midwife, use the help of delivery ball to promote the opening of the uterine orifice; or with the help of family members, squatting up and down, climbing stairs, etc., can help to relax the muscles and pelvis of the whole body, accelerate the descent of fetal head, and improve the speed of finger opening.

as mentioned above, the speed of opening the finger is related to the contractile capacity of the pregnant mother’s uterus. If you eat enough before entering the delivery room, you can supplement enough physical strength, which can continuously provide physical strength and promote the speed of opening the index.

many novice mothers have no enough hands to take when they open their uterine fingers. They don’t know how to use skillful force, but brute force. As a result, their spirits are always in a tense state, and their speed of opening fingers is reduced. It is better to see more positive things before giving birth to give them encouragement. Focus