Why is it that when a woman is about 40 years old, her abdomen will obviously increase and become fat?

Perfect body shape is the goal of every woman. However, in reality, things always go against our wishes. Many women are not over 40 years old, and they begin to get fat. Especially in their abdomen, the fat and belly are becoming more and more obvious. They try every means, but the effect is not great. As a result, they dare not wear a lot of clothes and eat a lot of delicious food.

this reason appears more frequently in middle-aged and elderly women. Young people are usually energetic and choose to take small amount of exercise activities after meals, such as walking, shopping in the supermarket, etc.;

when they are at home, they choose to do some housework, such as washing dishes. These habits are very good for gastrointestinal tract, which are very conducive to food digestion and reduce the expansion of the stomach. Moreover, they should take appropriate activities after meals It’s also good for your health.

the middle-aged and old women will lie flat when they get to a certain age and their physical strength drops and they are used to resting after eating. However, in this position, food can not be quickly mixed with digestive juice, nor can it be transported to the small intestine by gravity, so it will expand in the stomach for a long time, leading to a long-term swelling of the stomach.

Subian does great harm to the body, especially when it is stored in the intestines for a long time. The toxins in Subian will seriously affect the health of the body, and also lead to the expansion of the abdomen for a long time. As a result, the fat around the abdomen is easy to accumulate. As time goes on, more and more abdominal fat will appear, which is one of the reasons for abdominal obesity.

Nowadays, women are facing a fast pace of work. Most of them work indoors in their daily life. In this way, they will spend more time at their desks. After a long time, the accumulation of natural fat on their stomachs is faster.

as women grow older, the speed of fat metabolism has become slower. In addition, they are sedentary and inactive, and the abdominal fat is always squeezed. Therefore, the metabolic speed will be slower than other parts of the body, and the abdominal fat will become more and more obvious.

Moreover, sedentary and less exercise is very bad for white-collar women in the office. It affects blood circulation and body metabolism, and also causes cervical spondylosis. It can be said that it is harmful but not beneficial.

in addition to the above reasons, after women enter middle age, due to busy work and various family affairs, they will be more and more open in terms of diet, resulting in more calories and faster weight gain.

in addition, as people grow older, their own fat metabolism is also slowing down, and the speed of abdominal fat metabolism has the greatest impact. Therefore, if they get fat, they will bear the brunt of it and gain weight in their stomach. Long term intake of too many calories will also lead to high blood lipids, affecting health.

if you want to get smaller and better, you need to burn the fat around your stomach as much as possible, and abdominal exercise is one of the good methods. Half an hour before going to bed every day, do two groups of sit ups, 30 in each group. If you persist for a long time, you will make your abdomen more healthy.

cold will make the body accumulate fat faster, which can achieve the effect of cold resistance, so if you don’t want to let the body accumulate fat, you have to make yourself warm up. Similarly, if you don’t want to get fat, you need to add a little heat to your stomach. Before going to bed, you can rub your hands hot, put them on your waist and knead them 20 times clockwise, which can not only reduce your abdomen, but also prevent the cold of the uterus and reduce the pain of menstruation.

unfold your hands, push your palms along both sides of your navel from top to bottom, once a day in the morning and once at night, 50 times a time. If you persist for a long time, it will speed up fat consumption and help defecate.

in the final analysis, no matter what method is used to thin the abdomen, it is to make the abdominal fat burn and speed up the consumption. At this time, we can use some external forces, such as hand rubbing, massage or targeted exercise, to speed up the consumption of abdominal fat.

in our daily life, we can also stand more, so that the abdomen is no longer squeezed, and the speed of abdominal fat accumulation can be reduced. This way, we can not only make our body healthier, but also keep ourselves away from the big belly, and shape the perfect abdominal line. More importantly, through various sports and paying attention to the details of life, our body will be healthier. Focus