Why is neonatal height all 50 centimeters, does the hospital have serious measurement? The real answer is this

The birth of a newborn, for the family is the happiest thing, is also the most novel thing. Especially for the baby’s physical indicators, such as height and weight, many Baoma like to compare with others, so as to determine whether the baby nutrition standards.

two days ago, Aunt Chen’s daughter-in-law gave birth to a boy of 6 Jin and 8 Liang in the hospital, and the family were very happy. But in the nurse holding the child to vaccinate hepatitis B vaccine and BCG vaccine, Aunt Chen Ran to the next ward and other puerpera to consult the relevant matters needing attention with the baby. This said that the height of the child was mentioned.

the lying in woman in the next ward also gave birth to a son. She weighs more than Aunt Chen’s grandson. She is 50 cm tall. Aunt Chen is puzzled.

we should know that these are the only people who come and go to the hospital these days, and she has seen the husband and family members of the lying in woman next door. The height of the man and the woman is medium, while the height of her daughter-in-law and her son is properly high. People with a clear eye can see that they are big and tall.

Why is your grandson’s gene so good that it’s 50cm? Is it possible that the nurse filled in the height incorrectly, or maybe he didn’t measure it carefully. Aunt Chen Ran to the nurse station to communicate, this time to know that they made a big joke, the original baby’s height is also hidden behind the warm heart story.

generally speaking, the height of the fetus is about 50cm, some 48CM and some 52cm, but in general, 50cm is the closest to the average weight of Chinese newborns.

and the uterus of a pregnant mother is only the size of an egg, with a volume of 7cm * 4.5cm * 3.5cm and a weight of 50g. With the growth of the fetus, the uterus will slowly expand to 20 times, which is conservatively estimated to be about 35cm, which is the limit.

besides, in order not to cause any trouble to their mother, the fetus will curl up in the womb to ensure that they and Baoma can spend the October of pregnancy comfortably.

according to relevant data statistics, there are about 15 million premature infants in the world every year, of which the number of premature infants in China ranks second in the world. What is premature? Under normal circumstances, a baby weighing less than 5 jin is called a premature infant. It refers to a baby who has not given birth at full term from 28 to 37 weeks of gestation. There is a saying called “seven live eight do not live”, that is, the survival rate of premature infants in different months is low.

preterm infants’ physical functions are not as good as those born at term. They have low resistance to bacteria or diseases, and they are easy to be infected with germs if they do not pay attention to care. Moreover, poor physical fitness and inadequate nutrition absorption will affect children’s brain development, leading to their low IQ. Some studies have shown that the heavier the baby, the higher the IQ. Conversely, the lower the weight, the lower the IQ.

as we all know, the skin of the newborn is relatively delicate, and the stress to the stimulation of external substances is low. If we do not pay attention to it, we will be allergic, red and swollen. Therefore, the clothes and bedding for the newborn baby should be made of pure cotton, which is more comfortable and not easy to hurt the baby’s skin.

it’s a great joy for a family to have a new baby. As soon as we get home, we are bound to have many relatives and friends come to visit. During this period, we will more or less want to hold the newborn, which is likely to cause the child to be infected with bacteria.

especially those with infectious diseases or physical diseases, it’s better not to embrace children easily. Even before visiting, it’s better to do a good job of cleaning yourself to ensure that the environment of newborn babies is clean and safe.

within 24 hours after the birth of a newborn, the nurse will basically carry it to vaccinate the baby with hepatitis B vaccine and BCG vaccine. To know, the baby vaccinates to their infection disease kind has the high immunity, therefore the parents need to carry on strictly according to the stipulation, must not forget, when necessary may refer to the doctor to give the vaccination table, above all has the detailed vaccination time. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE