Why is the process of giving birth so bad? Because you’ve never experienced “gentle production”

People’s impression of childbirth is often painful and terrible, especially the precious mother who has experienced birth. And the birth of a child has spread from generation to generation, making women who have not experienced secretion and men who have not experienced it know that the pain of childbirth is unbearable. However, the director of the documentary and the director said that the reason why people think so may not be that the production itself is painful, but that we are not treated more gently in the process of childbirth. < p > < p > on a video website, a foreign mother shared her underwater childbirth process in the form of a video, which was watched by millions of people online. Her name is Tang an, Andrea Tang. < / P > < p > “I have experienced normal hospital production and underwater delivery, which is much better than that. It’s not the first time I feel a baby like this. ” In the past, when the medical conditions were not good, many people gave birth at home. My birth was not in the hospital, but in our family, delivered by an experienced midwife in the village. I couldn’t believe it when I first heard my mother say it. < / P > < p > even in the beginning of modern hospitals, the mortality rate of children born in hospitals is much higher than that of children born at home. At that time, there was no concept of bacteria. The doctors in the hospital finished the operation or gave the patient a doctor, and went directly to deliver the baby. In the middle, they did not wash their hands. Therefore, the hospital was more likely to be infected with bacteria, until later people With the concept of disinfection and sanitation, the mortality rate of hospital delivery of children is reduced. Due to the shortage of medical resources, there are many pregnant women waiting for delivery in the delivery room every day. Every nurse is in a hurry, and there is no time for delivery education and gentle treatment. < / P > < p > moreover, in the face of the mature system and process of the hospital, pregnant women really do not have much autonomy. There are some shameful processes such as enema and shaving, and there is no time for psychological construction. When the abdomen is pressed to bruise during delivery, more than 90% of the people will be cut to Yin. How can the maternal feelings be good in the face of these. < p > < p > hospital delivery is a way, and there are other modes of independent production. For example, there are midwifery systems in Europe and the United States, and more and more people like underwater delivery, including home delivery, and midwifery nurses helping delivery at home. < / P > < p > the difference between these methods is to communicate fully with the puerpera in advance. The puerpera knows the knowledge of childbirth. Of course, the sanitary conditions can meet the requirements. On this basis, we should respect the maternal feelings and make the delivery more natural and gentle. Su Yuting, director of the two documentaries, said: “the so-called physical autonomy is to return to your personal feelings, because childbirth is not a disease. We should be treated well when we give birth, and the information should be fully informed.” < p > < p > a midwife, Jiaying, chose to produce at home when she gave birth. She wanted to use the process of her own production to confirm the concept of autonomy. This speed is generally considered as labor delay in the hospital, so further medical intervention is needed, such as injection of oxytocin. And gentle production and independent production, emphasizing that the maternal self-determination, the surrounding people are supportive of her. < / P > < p > the husband can hold the lying in woman and gently touch his pelvis, which can fully alleviate the anxiety and fear of the pregnant woman, and even feel the romance long lost < / P > < p > and whether it is self production and gentle production, or hospital production, it is necessary to invest more in the production education, so as to let the puerpera know what is childbirth, how to deliver, what process, how to cooperate and how to lead. Only when the production education is in place can we achieve gentleness, otherwise it will be disorderly. In hospital production, only by making the parturient know more about the delivery process can the production process be more smooth. At present, hospital production is still the most mainstream mode of delivery. These two films are no longer just films. They have become a force to promote independent production and gentle production in Taiwan. The film itself can also play a role in education and guidance of childbirth. However, nowadays, many hospitals have been able to provide more and more services on delivery. Midwives and Doula are becoming more and more professional. Many mothers follow their guidance in the process of childbirth. You can realize that childbirth is not necessarily so painful. < / P > < p > and as pregnant women, what they can do is to deeply understand the knowledge of childbirth in advance, keep calm in the process of delivery, do not be afraid, follow the guidance of the midwife, relax yourself, obey their own instinct, you can experience a better childbirth process. Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not