Why not advocate “eyebrow tattooing” for girls? Beauticians tell you three reasons, after listening to understand

The ancients often said that “eyebrows convey feelings”. Eyebrows are the finishing touch of the whole make-up. With good-looking eyebrows, the make-up looks delicate and soul. Therefore, girls pay more and more attention to the choice of eyebrow shape.

wild eyebrows, straight eyebrows, fog eyebrows Often see beauty bloggers make-up know that once the eyebrows are painted, the whole person’s temperament and manner have changed. But for some ordinary people who can’t draw eyebrows well, one is that they don’t know what eyebrow shape they are suitable for, but when they draw, they will be disabled, sometimes they will be rough, sometimes they will be thick, and then they will become Xiaoxin.

“semi permanent eyebrow tattooing” is also a favorite project for many girls in recent years. The first choice for girls who can’t and don’t have time to eyebrow is eyebrow tattooing. Eyebrow tattooing seems to have many benefits, but why do some experts still not advocate female eyebrow tattooing?

Mo Mo has always been planning to tattoo her eyebrows. Taking this opportunity, she asked an expert who has worked in a beauty salon for 8 years. My friends and experts had the same opinion. They didn’t advocate me to tattoo my eyebrows, and the reasons given also made me readily accept. Few people know that most of the eyebrow dyes are metal dyes. According to CCTV, half of the semi permanent eyebrow tattoo dyes are over standard in heavy metals, especially chromium and arsenic, but few people know that these two substances are first-class carcinogens.

these carcinogenic and pathogenic harmful substances injected into our skin, the harm to our skin and health can be imagined, but many girls do not understand when tattooing, so they believe what the tattooer says.

the probability of eyebrow tattooing becoming ugly is quite high. Now there are too many embroiderers in the market who study and open a tattoo shop within two days. We can imagine how bad these novices’ techniques will be. And you may eventually become the “victim” of these unqualified embroiderers.

the key is to get ugly eyebrows and spend money to wash eyebrows. Do you think it’s expensive? Wasting time and money is like spending money to find fault!

many small beauty salons give customers hundreds of dollars to tattoo their eyebrows, but according to friends in beauty salons, the cost is less than ten yuan. If we don’t talk about huge profits, the rights and interests of eyebrow tattooers can’t be effectively protected at all. If something goes wrong, the other party will shirk its responsibility, saying that it’s the customer’s own problem, so we can only admit it.

after listening to her friend’s words, the empress gave up the idea of eyebrow tattooing. She was glad she didn’t follow suit, but how can she have a good-looking eyebrow shape without eyebrow tattooing? How can I draw real and natural eyebrows?

when he got it, he drew eyebrows with a four pronged eyebrow pencil. Unexpectedly, the eyebrows were clear and natural, just like the original eyebrows.

and the traditional eyebrow pen is easy to fade, especially in summer when sweating and taking off make-up. However, the cross eyebrow pen is very waterproof, and it is not afraid of dizzy dyeing and fading when it is washed directly under the tap.

if you can’t draw your eyebrows well and don’t want to take the risk of tattooing your eyebrows, you must try this four fork eyebrow pencil. After you get the coupon, you can get 2 cups of milk tea. It’s cheap and easy to use! Focus