Why should the child just be born report “a few Jin a few Liang”? Doctors won’t tell, but parents need to know

When many pregnant women are pregnant, they will eat a lot, maybe even the most in their life. This is also because in the traditional concept, the more pregnant women eat, the more children they have in their stomachs, and the children will get more nutrition. So at that time, pregnant women will be able to give birth to a fat boy with a weight of several kilos, but in fact, this idea is wrong. < / P > < p > Xiaowen has just been pregnant for 3 months, but her stomach is still not clear. The whole family is very anxious and plays tricks all day to make delicious food for Xiaowen. The main reason is that the food made by mother-in-law Xiaowen is too delicious, so Xiaowen has changed from three meals a day to five meals a day. This way of eating, the stomach is not small, Xiaowen whole person also fat more than a circle. < / P > < p > results during the prenatal examination, when the doctor saw Xiaowen’s appearance, he ordered Xiaowen’s family not to eat so much. Because if you eat like this again, the baby in Xiaowen’s stomach is likely to be overweight, which will affect the birth at the time of delivery, and even cause dystocia and endanger Xiaowen’s life. Xiaowen and his family know that the heavier the child, the better. < / P > < p > then the heavier the child is, the better. Why did the doctor who delivered the baby at the time of birth still report a few catties? In fact, most of the time, doctors don’t know why to report their children’s weight, but parents need to know. < / P > < p > all newborn babies look the same. Some parents don’t even recognize the baby when they put it together. At this time, weight becomes one of the most significant characteristics of a small baby. So at the time of birth, the weight of the baby is told to the parents, so that when the parents are in the baby room, they can easily find their own child with their weight. < / P > < p > although the heavier the child is, the better, the weight does reflect the child’s health. When a healthy baby is born, its weight should be about 6-8 Jin, lower or higher than this weight range. The baby may be unhealthy. Parents and family should be prepared. < / P > < p > even body weight can affect the health of the baby, which shows how fragile a newborn baby is, so how to take good care of the newborn baby? < / P > < p > the newborn baby must always pay attention to whether he is hungry, and then timely breast-feeding. Some mothers will not have breast milk immediately, so when there is no breast milk, you can put a small amount of milk powder for the child, and feed the child according to a certain time. At the beginning may not be used to, may set a good alarm clock, remind each other between husband and wife. < / P > < p > some old people believe that they can’t bathe their newborns, but in fact, newborns need to keep clean most. For example, the armpit of a baby is the easiest place to sweat. Once sweating, parents should wash the baby in time. After going home, you should also pay attention to the baby’s body cleaning, especially the injured part of the navel. < / P > < p > attention should also be paid to the sleeping posture of the newborn. When the newborn drinks milk, it is easy to cough milk. Some babies will put the scarf on their chin and sleep on their side to help them sleep, and avoid milk overflow and suffocation. It depends, of course. < / P > < p > diapers are important daily necessities for many families with newborns. But now there are still many people who have no common sense of life and feel that diapers are too expensive. Anyway, diapers boast that they are breathable, so it’s OK for children to wear them more for a while. But it’s easy to breed bacteria, and children will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is not easy to save places that should not be saved. < / P > < p > the amniotic fluid of the newborn just left the mother is wrapped in a warm space. Facing the outside world, it needs a slow process of adaptation. Especially the father, more is to bear, after the birth of the child, the body is still relatively fragile, the father should not only take good care of the mother’s mood, but also take good care of the child, learn more care methods and common sense. 08/16/2020