Why what I have never recommended is mask? The effect is not good, the cost performance is low, use more but hurt the skin

old friends probably know that I haven’t used the mask for the last one or two years, especially the flaky mask. Every time I talk to my little buddy, I don’t need a mask. OK to today, why do I not love to use mask to

from another angle? What’s more, the moisture of the stratum corneum is supplied by the dermis. The water in the dermis comes from the body’s diet. The moisture content of cuticle accounts for 10% – 20% of human body moisture. The root cause of skin dryness is the decrease of skin’s own moisturizing ability, not the lack of moisture inside the skin. < / P > < p > this can also be seen in the ingredients of skin care products. Although water is at the top of the list of ingredients in most skin care products, water acts as a solvent in the ingredients. The most important ingredient in skin care products is actually moisturizer.

, that is to say, the mask is the most important function like other products. Secondly, according to the active ingredients in the mask, some products can help anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, whitening and so on.

first of all, I think many bloggers, celebrities or public skincare concepts really rely too much on or exaggerate the role of facial mask. When skin appears, what is the first mask you should use? < / P > < p > in fact, it was the same with me many years ago. Because of the pressure of work and life, the whole body collapsed. All face is large, and it is sensitive, but insist on using mask everyday. All kinds of facial mask should be bought and tried, trying to find a mask that can save my rotten face. The final result is as can be imagined that

has been the same as now. The most recommended single video of webcam and webcast is mask. Many net red, star’s own brand’s main products are mainly mask.

iron man has always been my wife’s mask with high cost performance.

in addition to basic moisturizing, compound tocopherol acetate, Echinacea purpurea extract, white flower chrysanthemum extract and other auxiliary anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory, while the major products of the common polypeptide components to help resist aging, improve dynamic fine lines, to help skin swelling. In conclusion: under the premise of basic moisturizing, it has certain effect on anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory.

I don’t think I have a high opinion of iron man mask, but after returning to reason, I still haven’t bought back the iron man mask for two years. Because of the efficacy, iron mask’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and repair effects can be replaced by Estee Lauder small brown bottle essence. So there’s no need to buy it.

, on the other hand, a lot of people often wash their faces after tangle. I’ve always suggested that you look at the product and see your skin. For example, some products that are mainly thickeners of hyaluronic acid or mask are suggested to be cleaned. Otherwise, it will affect the follow-up skin care, easy to cause rub mud and other problems. The

problem is coming: if a mask is applied directly after 10 minutes, the effective active ingredient may have been washed away before it has penetrated. So in this case, it is better to use a cream or cream as a cream.

of course, when it comes to the use of facial mask, it may be a little too radical to stand here and look at my previous view. In the past, my view on mask is: don’t use it, it’s not good for the skin. Now I will say: to choose the right products, control the dosage, do not rely too much on

. I think the most important thing is not to expect too much of a mask. From the bottom of your heart, you should know that mask is the same as other products, mainly moisturizing, and active ingredients determine the efficacy of mask.

when you have a correct understanding of the mask from the bottom of your heart, you won’t listen to others. You can’t help chopping your hand, and you won’t be tempted by all kinds of fancy mask methods recommended by others.

a few dollars of mask is not expensive, but another idea: how much is the mask cost of a few dollars? Usually only a few cents to you. What kind of material can you use for a few cents? Although it’s not expensive, it’s really not worth ~ < / P > < p > when it comes to products, I always suggest you buy big brands. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the products of big factories will be more reassuring. It’s not easy to step on the thunder. It can’t afford Estee Lauder, Lamer can use POND’S, beauty, that is, national products, such as the hundred eletras, Dabao, and suitable herbs. Ah,

mask is available, but please treat it rationally. Choose the right product, don’t expect too much, don’t rely on it too much ~ it’s just an ordinary skin care product, not indispensable ~ < / P > < p > OK, the above is today’s content, I hope to help you ~ I’m Miya, if you want to know more reliable beauty knowledge, please feel free to praise and pay attention to ~= https://luanban.com/ target=_ blank>Home