Will condoms be replaced? This new contraceptive product has high advantages, but experts say it is difficult to be popular

Contraception has always been the most important thing for modern men and women! After all, it is the most prudent thing to have a child at any time. If you are not prepared for childbirth, you will generally choose active contraception. < / P > < p > do you know how many times a woman will get pregnant in her lifetime? According to empirical data, women have nearly 500 chances of getting pregnant! You know, generally girls have menarche from the age of 13, and then each cycle is 28 days, and they need to menstruate 13 times a year, so they can maintain amenorrhea until the age of 50. According to the statistics, about 500 eggs are discharged. < / P > < p > although it is said that women reduce about 90% of the probability of conception when they are carrying out contraceptive or pregnancy tasks, the probability of accidental pregnancy still exists. Therefore, women must always take protective measures to avoid physical suffering. Just like a few days ago, my best friend Xingxing was accidentally pregnant because of carelessness, and suffered too much as a result of abortion. < / P > < p > here’s the thing: Xingxing and her husband live in the same room. They both think it’s a safe period, so they don’t want to use condoms. However, they think it’s just because of this luck that they accidentally get pregnant. Because the star has had a son, not too much energy to take care of two treasure, so ruthlessly went to the hospital to do abortion. < / P > < p > in fact, there are not a few people in our life who are lucky about contraception, such as stars. After all, when couples are in the same room, whether they are wearing condoms or taking contraceptives, or wearing birth control rings, these will have a small impact on their health. < / P > < p > in particular, women’s bodies are more sensitive and vulnerable than men’s. sometimes taking contraceptives can easily lead to menstrual disorders, abnormal leucorrhea and so on But contraception is more effective than abortion. < / P > < p > when it comes to contraception, condom is the most commonly used method. After all, this kind of contraception is the least harmful. But the problem is that its use is cumbersome, and sometimes it can’t guarantee contraception. As a result, most women in order to eliminate the risk, directly went to the hospital to do birth control ring. < / P > < p > but the problem is that although making the contraceptive ring can relieve a lot of trouble, if you don’t take the ring out for several years, it may cause rust in the body, and it may also cause bacterial infection in the meat. After all, is there a convenient and easy-to-use contraceptive method? < / P > < p > don’t say it, it’s true! Earlier, the United States developed a “women’s monthly contraceptive” has caused many netizens touted! You know, once swallowed, this contraceptive can stay in the stomach for at least 3 weeks, which is better than other short acting contraceptives. However, many Chinese netizens, after seeing the shape of the contraceptive, call it “unbearable”. < / P > < p > on the surface, this drug is no different from ordinary drugs, but when it is taken by the human body, it will release a six arm star shaped polyester structure when it reaches the stomach. At first glance, the volume of this drug is really not small, many netizens are worried about the harm to the body, so they are not willing to accept this drug. < / P > < p > in many people’s minds, they feel that roommates in safe period will not win at all, so it is unnecessary to take measures. As a result, they were so lucky that they could not laugh again after a month. Here to remind is that those women who are easy to pregnancy constitution, slightly not pay attention to the possibility of accidental pregnancy. < / P > < p > many women know their menstrual cycle and therefore determine their safety period. But the problem is that sometimes affected by endocrine, women’s menstrual cycle will also have differences and changes, so the ovulation time at this stage will also be adjusted, so the idea of using safety period to avoid contraception is really bad. 08/16/2020