Wipe your ass from front to back, or from back to front? After reading it, I don’t get tangled at last

Usually, after urination, a part of urine will stay on the surface of the skin and adsorb on the underwear, thus forming a humid microenvironment. In addition, there is no sunlight and lack of air flow, so it is very easy to breed bacteria.

especially for women, urethra and vagina are short and open structures. Such a day down, perineal parts may produce itching, odor, and even cause urethritis or vaginitis.

in addition, even if every time after urinating, women still have some daily secretions left on their underwear through the vagina. Therefore, changing clean underwear every day is an important principle to maintain the health of female reproductive system.

in addition, many people will urinate when they defecate. Therefore, we also need to wipe from the urethra to the vagina and anus, from front to back. This order is because the urethra is the most susceptible organ in the female reproductive system, followed by the vagina, and finally the anus.

in fact, women’s reproductive organs are very vulnerable to infection, and the mucosa of urethra and vagina is also very fragile. Therefore, in the choice of tissue, or to pay attention to.

the paper conforming to the national standard should at least meet the following characteristics: the package shall not be damaged or polluted, and shall be marked with the manufacturer, qualified status, specification, net weight, production date or batch number, etc.

the state stipulates that the whiteness of Grade A products should exceed 85%, but it does not mean that the whiter the toilet paper, the better. Some enterprises will add excessive whitening agent, and this kind of fluorescent whitening agent will also lead to health problems.

the best is 100% original wood pulp, that is, toilet paper made from recycled wood pulp. This kind of paper has the best quality and relatively higher price.

the second is 100% raw wood pulp, which may contain some recycled raw materials; the other is raw wood pulp, which is not completely composed of wood pulp, and some other leftover materials may be added.

However, it is worth noting that sterile pure water wipes should be selected as far as possible, and sterilized wipes containing alcohol or other disinfectants should be avoided. Because women’s vagina has natural self-cleaning ability, the use of germicidal wipes not only stimulates the mucous membrane, but also causes the flora imbalance in the vagina and urethra, which may lead to vaginitis or urethritis. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE