Women 25 years old, eat more wrinkles “fear” of four kinds of food, often do three things, skin smooth and shiny

As the saying goes: three women a play! In other words, there will be a lot of stories about women. As a matter of fact, when women get together, the most talked about topic is to keep fit and beauty, to lose weight and to lose weight, to be young and to be old. Although women love beauty and like to talk about beauty, when women are 25 years old, they are no longer easy to produce collagen. If they do not pay attention to maintenance, wrinkles will soon climb onto the face, and the skin will no longer be elastic. Therefore, in order to retain beauty and keep young, women will try many ways. Skin care products bought one set after another, some even try a variety of beauty, slimming health care products.

However, as we all know, skin care products can only care for the surface, and it is difficult to fundamentally solve the problem. However, oral health care products have certain risks. The main reason is that many things are adulterated in order to make money. Therefore, women want to maintain skin, from the inside to the outside of the resistance to aging, food tonic is a more safe and reliable method.

women usually eat the following foods that are most afraid of wrinkles, which helps to keep the skin elastic and reduce wrinkles, so as to play a role in resisting aging from the inside out.

tartary buckwheat is known as the “king of grains”. Its nutritional value is very high. The dietary fiber composition in it can help detoxify and defecate. Moreover, women often eat tartary buckwheat, which can enhance the antioxidant function of skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and keep the skin smooth and elastic.

tomatoes are the favorite of many people, because they can be eaten raw fruits or cooked dishes. In particular, scrambled eggs with tomatoes should be the first dish that many people can fry. Women often eat tomatoes to help maintain the skin, because tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene, this substance helps to stretch wrinkles, make skin tender and smooth. And often eat tomatoes, not easy to be sunburnt, even the probability of dark circles will be smaller.

Tremella fuciformis is rich in nutrients, known as “the bird’s nest of poor families”. For female friends, tremella fuciformis is a natural beauty product. The natural plant ingredients in Tremella fuciformis can not only moisten the lung and stomach, help eliminate body toxins, but also remove freckles, melasma, and reduce the generation of facial wrinkles. Therefore, tremella fuciformis is also a food that women can often eat.

in cold weather, many people like to put a handful of Lycium barbarum in the thermos cup, but they usually put red medlar. In fact, black wolfberry is rich in unique natural procyanidins, known as “natural skin care products” for women. This ingredient is the most effective natural water-soluble free radical scavenger. Women often drink it with black wolfberry. It can moisturize the skin, reduce wrinkles, and keep the facial skin smooth and elastic.

washing your face is something everyone can do, and it is usually done more than once. But for women who want to protect their skin, washing is the most important thing. Nowadays, most women make up. Therefore, before going to bed every day, make-up must be removed and the skin should be thoroughly cleaned. Only when the cleaning work is done in place can the skin sleep soundly and wrinkles dare not climb on your face.

potatoes can not only be steamed, boiled, stewed and fried, but also can be used to care for eye skin. In addition to reducing the swelling of the lower pouch, it can also help reduce wrinkles. Method: cut potatoes into thin slices and stick them on our eyes. Then you can squint and enjoy it. After a period of time, you can see the effect of potato skin care.

after the rice is cooked, if you don’t feel hungry, you can roll the rice ball on your face first. In this way, the dirt and oil of pore water can be sucked out, so that the skin can breathe smoothly and effectively reduce facial wrinkles. Method: after the rice is cooked, dig into the spoon in the center of the rice and cool it for a while. When it is not hot and warm, knead the rice into a ball. Then roll gently in the face, when the rice rice ball is greasy and black, wash your face with water. Focus