Women aging “invisible killer” found, not tobacco and alcohol, but these three things, speed correction

A few days ago, I met my best friend Linlin who took her aunt to have a hairdressing. I remember that my aunt was angry when she mentioned that she was doing beauty. She also said, “I will not lose that person if I’m a couple of decades old.” from her words, we can clearly feel that she belongs to a traditional mother. However, this time, my aunt asked for a beauty salon, probably because she was aging too fast and had low self-esteem. She hoped to “retain youth” through beauty. I have heard an old Chinese medicine doctor say: the body and youth are “raised” out, this statement is very correct, behind women’s aging is not only the increase in age, but also other reasons. Staying up late is one of the most harmful. If we don’t sleep all night, you will find that the next day the whole person is dizzy, even the skin is dry, and there is even a nameless fire in the heart. All these are because staying up late affects our nervous system. < / P > < p > women who stay up late for a long time will not only affect the body repair and detoxification, but also cause a load on various organs of the body. In serious cases, it will also affect our health. In terms of skin, the pores and wrinkles will become larger because of staying up late for a long time. < / P > < p > many women are heavy taste food, and instant meals are inseparable from the satisfaction of taste buds. However, from the aspect of health, heavy taste food is also not conducive to the health balance of human body. We should know that heavy taste food contains high chloride ion and sodium ion, which will cause metabolic burden of the five zang organs and accelerate aging, and if sodium ion is long-term Deposited in the human body, blood, will disturb the water balance of the human body, not to say, will directly lead to facial water shortage, leading to wrinkles. < / P > < p > sitting for a long time will affect the normal excretion of toxins from the body, and even increase metabolism, resulting in body weight gain. While accelerating the aging of skin, the spots on the face will become more and more. Therefore, sitting still is an invisible killer to accelerate aging. < p > < p > honeysuckle can not only beautify the skin, but also reduce the fire and clear the liver. It is known as the “liver clearing expert”. If it is combined with chrysanthemum, burdock root, cassia seed, Lycium barbarum, etc., the effect is even better, which can clear the liver poison and beautify the skin. First of all, it’s good for people to get up early and exercise well, such as promoting the body’s immune system and promoting the body’s health. The famous saying “smile, ten years old” has been used to comfort people since ancient times. In fact, a happy mood is indeed the way to live a long life. In medical circles, there are people who have created miracles of life because of their good mentality. If we often lose our temper, the harmful substances in our body will accumulate more and more, which will disturb the body’s endocrine and encounter various diseases, Therefore, to create a happy mood is also the secret of “nourishing” youth. Today’s you should not forget to raise your mouth! Next