Women are prone to liver qi stagnation, how to return a responsibility? Three methods of Chinese medicine, sufficient liver qi, far away from liver disease

The word “stagnation of liver qi” is familiar to all of us. People with bad liver often appear, especially female friends. Many female sex patients are very depressed. Why do liver qi depression depend on themselves? How can they become the audience? < p > < p > Yin and yang are in harmony between men and women. Most men are irritable and acute, while women are delicate and gentle. It is because of thinking too much at ordinary times, women are prone to worry. In addition, they are not willing to complain with their family and friends, and their liver Qi is not smooth. They will be in a state of depression and bring hidden dangers to their health. < / P > < p > women are delicate kittens. They don’t like sports. They like to stay on the sofa and sit down. The only hobby is to ask a few little sisters to go shopping. If you don’t exercise enough, the liver Qi will always gather in the body. If you can’t get rid of it, you will suffer secretly. In addition to giving birth to children and doing housework, women in modern society have to create a career. In order to make certain achievements, stay up late and work overtime every day. There are more and more liver toxins accumulated in endless reports. If the family does not give a certain understanding at this time, the psychological mood will be fluctuated and the depression will be aggravated. < / P > < p > women are always angry. If their children’s academic performance is not good and their husband does something wrong to make them unhappy, the liver will have outstanding performance. In addition, female friends will come to the big aunt every month. The influence of hormone level will also lead to emotional anger, and the body’s annoyance and stagnation of liver Qi will come. < p > < p > If a woman also likes drinking, it is possible to cause liver qi stagnation. Therefore, there are many reasons for female liver qi stagnation. Usually uncomfortable emotions have been accumulated in the heart, the impact of bad emotions accelerated the risk of liver disease. The most obvious change of liver qi stagnation in women is chest distension pain. Women’s special signs need careful care. If they can’t keep a peaceful attitude and good living habits, they will lead to nodular hyperplasia in the chest. The swelling pain in special parts of the body is still relatively large. < / P > < p > the liver’s catharsis function is disordered, and the intestines and stomach will also be affected. Usually there are two extremes, if you always want to eat, or you always have no appetite. The liver affects the gastrointestinal routine peristalsis digestion, which will add a lot of trouble to the normal diet. < / P > < p > a woman’s skin cannot be separated from moisture. If the nutrients transported by the liver cannot reach the face, the face will be very ugly. In order to regulate qi and relieve depression, the first step of traditional Chinese medicine is to drink some rose tea to improve the complexion and release the liver qi. The second move is to press Zusanli acupoint. There is a good acupoint in the body. Long kneading can promote qi release. On the outside of the legs, a palm under the knee is the third mile position. When you are sultry, you may as well press and knead it to relax muscles and activate collaterals, promote blood circulation, and then help liver Qi excretion. < / P > < p > the last move is to eat more mushrooms. I believe that many girls like the refreshing taste. A large number of inorganic salts, fruit acids and cellulose can accelerate the speed of liver detoxification, and are also necessary substances for liver disease patients to recover. < / P > < p > female liver qi stagnation has become a very common ailment. When they lose their temper, their families should understand more. Traditional Chinese medicine points out that eating more mushrooms, pressing Zusanli acupoint and drinking rose tea are good ways to have a try in life. If you have a smooth liver qi, you can have a more relaxed life. Focus