Women do not want to accelerate aging, so that diet “2 more, 2 less”, aging or slow one step

Aging is a stage that everyone must go through, and this process is irreversible. Many female friends may not be able to accept their own aging.

women’s aging is also related to the secretion of estrogen in the body, because after entering middle age, the function of various organs begins to decline, at this time, the secretion of estrogen will also decrease, and then the symptoms of female friends’ aging will appear. When women begin to age, these three changes may occur in the body, I hope you don’t account for any of them.

I don’t know if we have observed this phenomenon in our daily life, that is, some young female friends’ descendants are narrow and thin, and they look very thin.

However, when women reach a certain age and begin to age, a large amount of fat on their back can not be metabolized in time due to the influence of estrogen, and the back will become wider and thicker, which makes them feel like a tiger back.

if female friends enter the aging process, they may also have endocrine disorders due to the decrease of estrogen in the body, which will also affect the rate of blood circulation and metabolism.

at this time, if some garbage toxins in the body can not be discharged in time, the fat in the body will accumulate in the waist and abdomen, resulting in more abdominal fat. This kind of performance not only affects people’s appearance, but also may increase the burden on the body.

all young and energetic women are quite upturned, but with the growth of age, muscle tissue will decline, resulting in the accelerated loss of calcium and collagen in the body, which may cause women’s skin to relax and droop.

the performance of hip sagging is the most obvious. Therefore, when a female friend enters middle age, if she finds her hip sagging, it may be a sign of aging. I hope you can adjust your body in time.

in order to delay the arrival of aging, some female friends may be able to develop reasonable work and rest habits, insist on going to bed early and getting up early, and exercise every day. In addition to these good habits, they should pay more attention to diet. If they can do these things, maybe aging can slow people down.

the vast majority of fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and cellulose, and these ingredients can help the body to better discharge the garbage toxins, but also play an antioxidant effect.

so for female friends, if you don’t want to get old and find yourself too early, like fresh fruits and vegetables, you might as well eat more, which may help to improve skin elasticity and keep you young.

some common purple foods, such as eggplant, purple cabbage, onion and so on, are relatively rich in anthocyanins. These ingredients have strong antioxidant activity. For female friends, eating more in the daily diet helps to delay skin aging and make people look younger.

besides salty food, spicy food like hot pot barbecue also belongs to food with heavy taste. The salt content in this kind of food is relatively high, and some meat may breed bacteria or nitrite in the process of salting.

so eating too much heavy food will not only increase the burden of the body, but also stimulate the organs in the body, which will lead to aging. So you don’t want to get old and find yourself too early. I hope you can avoid eating this kind of food as soon as possible.

many female friends have no resistance to sweets, although it is said that eating sweets properly can stimulate the secretion of dopamine and keep people happy.

However, sugars in sweets can well combine with collagen in skin, thus weakening the function of collagen and accelerating cell aging. So don’t want to age too early, for sweets, I hope you can eat in moderation. Privacy Policy