Women have these three habits, no doubt in the consumption of fertility, no wonder so many people can not bear

For some women who have not yet given birth to a baby, some bad habits before will affect their physical fitness more or less, thus affecting their fertility.

Xiaoqing has been married for three years, and her stomach hasn’t moved. At first, she said she wanted to fight for another two years. Seeing that she would step into the top 30, she was a little worried.

especially the family on her husband’s side, they are always asking whether Xiaoqing has any hidden diseases. Although Xiaoqing is upset, he is also somewhat weak.

when I went to the hospital for examination, I found that all my organs functioned very well, but the doctor still shook his head: “do you usually have the habit of dieting? Your body fat rate is only 12%. It’s too thin. If you want to have a baby, you have to gain weight. Think about it yourself. ”

it turns out that Xiaoqing is a dancer, and her professional age in the dance industry is limited. Therefore, she cherishes the present time very much and keeps “weight is less than 100” all the year round. Unexpectedly, this is the reason why she has no chance with her baby.

according to the data released by the National Health Commission in 2018, China’s infertility rate is increasing from 2.5% 20 years ago to 15%, of which there are about 50 million infertile people, and the data is gradually increasing.

most girls today don’t think about maintenance before they have no need to have children. They don’t know how to cherish their bodies. As they get older, their physical fitness will decline rapidly.

pregnancy itself is full of randomness, and the requirements for women’s physical conditions are very strict. If they can’t maintain good physical condition, then pregnancy will be a very difficult thing.

waist binding has a long history. It was very popular in ancient Europe. Small waist was made by cloth and cloth belt, and it was very beautiful to wear, so many women flocked to it.

Nowadays, waist banding is usually applied to women who need to recover their body shape after childbirth, but in recent years, many women who love beauty have also turned their attention to waist banding. Waist can quickly achieve the role of slender waist, is the artifact on the road to beauty.

but in fact, the principle of waist binding is very simple and rough, that is, to squeeze fat inward through external force. The abdomen is soft without bone support, and the strong external pressure will squeeze internal organs.

the lower abdomen is the gathering place of women’s reproductive organs. Long term exposure to this kind of pressure will cause the displacement and deformation of the uterus and other organs, which is in a bad health state and greatly affects the fertility.

little girls who love beauty are always “either in the process of losing weight or on the way of deciding to lose weight”. The popular aesthetic trend of taking thin as beauty has made countless women suffer from weight loss.

although it’s good for the body not to be overweight, many girls take measures to achieve the effect of rapid weight loss, which people can’t agree with.

dieting will interfere with the normal work of the digestive system, unable to absorb enough nutrients, which is not conducive to the health of the body. If the body can not guarantee to provide sufficient heat and nutrition, the little angel will not knock on the door easily.

due to the busy work and study during the day, many girls cherish the free time at night. The more they stay up, the later they go, and every day goes round and round. However, women’s physiological needs for rest are far more than men’s.

magazine summarized the role of melatonin levels and circadian rhythm in women’s successful pregnancy. “Every time you turn on the lights at night, melatonin levels go down.”

staying up late for a long time is easy to lead to hormone disorder, which is not conducive to the recovery of Qi and blood. The resistance will be reduced, the physical quality will be poor, and the fertility function will also be affected. “888” is an easy way for mothers to learn and raise their children. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!