Women often eat this vegetable, reduce fat, anti-aging, enhance immunity, whitening, 2 minutes

As soon as autumn arrives, I believe that many friends will start to worry about the problem of sticking autumn fat, right? In the barbecue, it makes people feel sad to share. Today, Xiaobian shares a Kwai Chi dish that I will eat during the fat reduction period. It is the sauce lettuce, which is often eaten by women, reducing fat and aging, enhancing immunity and whitening, and fix it in 2 minutes. Lettuce can be said to be the representative of low-fat and low-temperature vegetables, nutritionist Daqiao pointed out that lettuce has a good effect of scraping oil and fat, and it is also rich in vitamins and water, which is one of the essential healthy vegetables for weight loss period. The only thing to pay attention to is that the lettuce should not be too old. If it changes color, it will come out. Otherwise, it will be soft and lack of crisp taste. Sisters, eat quickly! Lettuce is the common name of leaf lettuce, belonging to Compositae lettuce. It is an annual or biennial herbaceous crop. It is also a popular vegetable in Europe and America. According to the growth morphology of leaves, lettuce can be divided into head lettuce, wrinkled leaf lettuce and erect lettuce. 2. Lettuce originated from the Mediterranean coast of Europe, domesticated from wild species. Ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to eat it. Lettuce has been introduced into China for a long time. It is widely cultivated in southeast coastal areas, especially in the suburbs of big cities and Guangdong, especially in Taiwan. 3. When choosing lettuce, we should not only see whether the color of the leaves is green, but also pay attention to the stem. White stems are fresh enough. PARRENT&CHILDREN