Women suffering from uterine fibroids, the body will “show feet”, if a does not occupy, the uterus is not bad

Although uterine leiomyoma is a benign tumor, it can not be cured for a long time. It is likely to slow down women’s health and even affect their fertility. < p > < p > therefore, we can not ignore the problem of uterine leiomyoma. In the early stage of uterine leiomyoma, the body will also show its feet. Once it is detected, please see a doctor in time and do not delay. < / P > < p > as the enlargement of uterine cavity affects uterine contraction, the tumor oppresses the vein and causes vasodilation, which will lead to increased menstruation and prolonged menstruation. Once detected, please seek medical advice from female friends. < / P > < p > with the continuous growth of uterine fibroids, the uterine space will continue to expand. After more than three months of gestation, the mass can be felt from the abdomen. < / P > < p > due to the influence of hysteromyoma, the secretion of endometrial glands will be increased, and pelvic congestion will be caused, resulting in the increase of leucorrhea, uterine fibroids are infected, and a large number of dense leucorrhea may also appear. < / P > < p > if the leiomyoma has ulcer bleeding, leucorrhea will have a bloody stench, so abnormal leucorrhea indicates that your uterus has undergone pathological changes, please see a doctor in time. < / P > < p > due to the increasing size of uterine leiomyoma, it will cause frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms. If it is compressed to the rectum, it is likely to cause abdominal distension and constipation. < / P > < p > once the above four abnormal changes occur in the body, please go to the hospital for examination in time, which indicates that there is myoma in the uterus. Under the guidance of the doctor, actively cooperate with the treatment to help the patient recover slowly. In addition, you should also adjust your own eating habits. When suffering from uterine leiomyoma, most people think that the intake of hormone containing food should be controlled, so soy food can not be eaten. Suffering from uterine fibroids is really can’t drink Soybean milk? < / P > < p > answer: Yes. Soybean isoflavones contained in soybean products are called “phytoestrogens”. Relevant research shows that the active effect of this substance on human body is different from that of animal estrogen, and its regulation on human body is bidirectional. < / P > < p > when the level of estrogen in the body is too low, soybean isoflavone can make up for the deficiency of estrogen to a certain extent; when the estrogen level in your body is high, soybean isoflavone can limit the normal combination of estrogen and estrogen receptor in human body, and reduce the hormone level in the body. < / P > < p > the content of soybean isoflavones in most soybean products is not too high. For example, most of soybean isoflavones have been lost in the processing of soybean products, such as bean curd, bean curd skin and beancurd. The trace amount of soybean isoflavones in soybean products is not enough to stimulate uterine fibroids. < / P > < p > so women with uterine fibroids can drink a little soy milk, but it is better not to exceed 500 ml a day, in order to prevent harm to the body. < p > < p > estrogen in female friends can regulate endocrine and make women more feminine. Because of this, some women will often eat food rich in estrogen, such as royal jelly, wine and so on. < / P > < p > before the age of 30, the estrogen content in women’s body is generally sufficient, even if it is slightly insufficient, it can be supplemented by normal diet; after 30 years of age, when the estrogen content decreases, it is necessary to take appropriate food rich in estrogen. < / P > < p > but for women with uterine fibroids, excessive estrogen intake will stimulate the growth of uterine fibroids, and even lead to malignant transformation. Therefore, we must control the intake of estrogen. < / P > < p > women’s constitution is cold, so it is recommended to eat warm and tonic food and other foods to help regulate the palace cold. Therefore, red dates and longan are popular with female friends. < / P > < p > eating warm and tonic food can indeed regulate the cold constitution of women, and beautify and beautify women. But for women with uterine fibroids, such food will provide nutrients for uterine fibroids, so that uterine fibroids gradually grow. < / P > < p > therefore, female friends with uterine fibroids must try their best to keep their mouths shut and eat less warm and tonic foods, so as not to affect their condition. Hysteromyoma must be treated in time, do not delay. < / P > < p > some people especially like to eat meat food, and some women even have no meat, but often eat pork, beef, mutton and other red meat, will also provide energy for uterine fibroids. The fat content of these foods is relatively high, which will stimulate the growth of uterine fibroids. < / P > < p > therefore, female friends with uterine fibroids should not touch this kind of food. If they really want to eat meat, they can eat more white meat such as chicken and duck. < / P > < p > every disease has food to avoid, and most diseases have a common taboo food, which is hair. Seafood containing estrogen ingredients are relatively high, women eat more will let uterine fibroids get energy, rapid growth. < / P > < p > in addition to seafood and other food, fish and shrimp should also be eaten less. In order to prevent damage to women’s uterus, in addition, women suffering from gynecological problems should be blacklisted. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore