Women who have experienced abortion have three imperceptible characteristics, which can be seen by discerning people

Now the society is more and more open, people are used to living together before marriage, so many girls will live with their boyfriends, but there will be a lot of physical safety risks.

there are three obvious characteristics of women who have had abortions, which are difficult to erase once they appear. The doctor of antenatal examination can clearly see that many people can also find it at a glance.

Xiao Li and her husband fell in love for more than a year, and they entered the palace of marriage. They didn’t know each other’s past very well, but they got married soon because they had the same personality and interests.

less than a year after marriage, Xiao Li became pregnant. Her husband always advised her to have a prenatal examination, but Xiao Li was always hesitant to go to the hospital to face the doctor.

under her husband’s hard work, Xiao Li had to agree to go to the birth examination. A few times ago, the prenatal examination found that there was no problem. Before the baby was born, the doctor suddenly said, “it’s not the first child.”

after returning home, the more her husband thought about it, the more wrong she was. She asked Xiao Li what was going on. Xiao Li couldn’t help crying and confessed her experience to her husband.

it turns out that Xiao Li once had a boyfriend when she was in college. At that time, without too much consideration, the two people cohabited before marriage. As a result, Xiaoli encountered a slag man and was abandoned after pregnancy, so she had to do abortion operation by herself.

fortunately, my husband is a sensible person. He doesn’t pursue Xiaoli’s past. Instead, he loves Xiaoli very much. They are honest and willing to tolerate each other’s past.

for women who have been pregnant, had a baby, or had an abortion, the cervical orifice will present a straight line shape. This is because after being pregnant and having a baby, the child will open the cervical orifice, the closed cervical orifice cannot be restored, and the original shape will become a flat straight line shape.

women who have undergone abortion surgery need to open the cervix in order to take out the internal embryo. This process will also lead to the decrease of the elasticity of the cervix, and the restored cervix will be in a straight shape.

some girls, in particular, choose to operate in small workshops and black heart small hospitals. Their postoperative recovery is poor, and the occurrence of infection will affect the balance of endocrine, thus affecting menstruation.

many people have black and white lines on their buttocks, which is commonly known as fat lines. Some people have these lines on their thighs and waist, while pregnant women have similar lines on their stomachs, which are called stretch marks.

if a woman has ever been pregnant and experienced induced labor of an older fetus, stria gravidarum may have appeared in the third trimester of pregnancy. Although the fetus has been knocked out, stria gravidarum still exists.

in fact, whether it’s giving birth or undergoing abortion, it’s necessary to have a baby. After abortion, you need to rest for 7 to 14 days before you can resume work or study.

similar to puerperal confinement, women who have experienced abortion are also very weak. They not only need to supplement balanced nutrition, but also need to do a good job in keeping warm and try to avoid catching cold.

although abortion is only a small operation, it is also very damaging. It is necessary to maintain a balanced diet, supplement dietary fiber and vitamins, and supplement high-quality protein.

safe period contraception is a very unreliable method, and the failure rate is about 12%. Do safety measures, hope that every woman will no longer experience abortion surgery.

it’s not shameful to cohabit before marriage, but girls should protect their bodies and take safety measures to avoid similar tragedies. Privacy Policy