Women who have had a miscarriage should not think it is very secret. Experienced people can see it at a glance

Think about the ancient women are not out of the door, two doors do not step, some people say that this is harm, but some people think that this is protection. Now the society is very good, and women are absolutely free. If they have responsible parents, it’s OK. But some families don’t pay much attention to this. As a result, many young girls have to face the risk of abortion. Let’s not just talk about marriage or not, as long as abortion will do harm to women’s body. At the same time, it leaves indelible traces, which can be seen by experienced people at a glance. < / P > < p > a woman who has never experienced or given birth has a very small cervix. But with the implementation of abortion, the cervix of these women changed from round to one, forming a flat shape. < / P > < p > even if it is an induced abortion operation, it may lead to the cervical opening, and this process is enough to reduce the original muscle elasticity of women’s cervical opening, which can’t be concealed from professional doctors. They really can easily distinguish. < p > < p > women with irregular menstruation mostly appear half a year or one year after abortion. This situation especially occurs in some informal medical institutions, which may be the unsanitary medical conditions or poor medical technology leading to postoperative infection or poor recovery, which may lead to female endocrine disorders, and then affect the regular menstruation. < / P > < p > without a professional doctor, even some experienced “old drivers” can find out whether a woman has experienced pregnancy. Originally a young woman, their skin is smooth, but once pregnant, with the continuous proliferation of embryos, their skin also changes, because of uplift, and let the skin uplift, and soon they will be because of abortion surgery, rapid procrastination, become relaxed, even if the recovery is very fast, it will leave inadvertent traces, let the experienced person a glance You can see that. Therefore, we women must learn to love and protect ourselves. Especially for parents with girls, they should pay more attention to their children’s sexual self-protection consciousness. < / P > < p > we don’t have to ask our children not to go out of the house as the ancients did. At least we should seriously educate our children to do a good job in protecting their own body. At least we should not let them casually accept the boy’s intimacy. We should also let them know that this kind of sexual behavior is safe and beautiful only after marriage. < / P > < p > many parents have no experience in how to face their adolescent children, especially their daughters. I recommend this set of 6 volumes, hoping to help you. 08/16/2020