Women with big buttocks? Studies have shown that mothers of this size give birth to smarter babies

In the past, Chinese people used to look for daughters-in-law, especially those with big buttocks, because people think that women with big buttocks can give birth to children. It may seem superstitious, but in fact, it is a coincidence with scientific facts. Many foreign experts have put forward the concept of “hourglass shaped body”, and think that the baby born by women with this figure is more intelligent.

Russell, an American Biological expert, once put forward a similar view: women with wide hips and full thighs are more likely to give birth to high IQ babies. These two characteristics described by rasek are in line with the so-called “hourglass figure”, which in some contexts is also called “pear shaped body”.

of course, the real hourglass figure has two more characteristics than that proposed by the American expert, namely, thin waist and large chest. Only with these two points can the whole person look more like an hourglass.

a large number of studies have shown that women with this figure have a good chance of having children, and they generally have smarter babies. This can be seen from Kim Kardashian, who has an hourglass figure. She once had three children, and even delivered the first one herself.

women with big buttocks are easy to have children. In fact, it is a stereotype of hourglass shape among Chinese people. In Chinese culture, people seem to pay more attention to women’s buttocks, so they pay special attention to the wide buttocks of hourglass figures.

this also means that it is not necessarily women with large buttocks that are easy to have children, but women with large buttocks, who are in line with the characteristics of large breasts, thin waist and full thighs, are the real good ones.

the first reason is that women with this figure are more likely to store a kind of unsaturated fatty acid called “omega-3”, which has a strong promoting effect on the brain development of the fetus. If the brain develops well, the intelligence quotient will also be very high.

the second reason is related to DHA, commonly known as “brain gold”, which has a great impact on fetal intelligence and vision. And this kind of material, hourglass shape of pregnant mother’s body is more abundant, correspondingly, the fetus in the belly can also absorb more DHA, so that vision and brain power become stronger.

in fact, all human infants are “premature infants”. The reason is that in the process of evolution, the brain capacity of human beings has become larger and larger, and the head of newborn babies will also become larger. If not, the fetus will not be able to pass through the maternal birth canal. A big head means a higher brain capacity, and accordingly, a baby will be smarter.

therefore, babies born to hourglass shaped mothers are particularly superior in IQ, because their wide buttocks represent a very wide pelvis, which allows larger head fetuses to pass through.

although pregnant women with hourglass figure do have great advantages, whether they can give birth to smart and healthy babies depends on genetics and other factors. It’s hard to change one’s figure, and there is no legal person to choose from. However, some other factors can be controlled by the pregnant mother.

first of all, the diet after pregnancy is different from the usual diet. We should focus on foods with high protein, low fat and low calorie, and less heavy taste food. Not only that, they should also stop smoking and drinking after pregnancy, and even drink less coffee and tea to prevent the special substances contained in them from affecting the development of the fetus.

although the fetus will not show any emotion, it can already feel the mother’s state. The baby with depression can’t be compared with the baby with loose mind, which is proved by the statistical results.

the reasons are not hard to imagine. If a pregnant mother has a good mentality, her body will absorb better, and her baby will get more nutrients, and of course, she will develop better. So pregnant mothers must maintain a good state of mind, do not let the bad things in life affect the development of the baby.

some people feel that they should not move when they are pregnant, and they are worried about moving the fetal gas. This is actually wrong, pregnant mothers can also exercise, as long as the range is appropriate, and ensure the safety of the exercise on the line. Proper exercise can not only make the pregnant mother have a stronger body, but also promote the development of the fetus.

the real win lies in the starting line, not how much money the parents have, but the higher IQ and better health of the baby. No amount of money can buy these two kinds of things. All of these are worth pondering for every pregnant mother or woman who wants to be pregnant. Whether a child can have a smart brain is all up to you. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”