Women’s best “collagen”, open to eat, fade wrinkles and spots, skin tight and elastic

Nowadays, the hot word “collagen” appears in people’s mouth quite frequently, and people around you will say “eat more and supplement collagen”. So, what is the sanctity of collagen? Can make so many people want to supplement it? What are the benefits of supplementing it? < / P > < p > in the human body, collagen accounts for 33% of the protein and plays the role of “mattress”, which maintains various tissues of the human body and plays a connecting role. The reason why the skin is elastic is that the collagen fibers in the dermis form the skin scaffold. < / P > < p > with the natural aging and the influence of external force, the skin gradually aging with age. The decrease of collagen secretion of skin makes the original water tender skin become dry and loose. There are wrinkles, spots and other problems.

many skin care products are under the banner of “anti aging”, “anti aging” and “wrinkle elimination”, and the price is very expensive. Most of the skin care products containing collagen can only make the skin feel plump temporarily. Even if you only use simple moisturizing products, the skin will be temporarily full and bright. Because the collagen molecules in skin care products are very large, it is difficult to penetrate into the dermis to repair the skin. After smearing, it only stays on the surface of the skin, resulting in the “illusion” of full skin. < / P > < p > “the fat and tender pig’s feet are shiny, and every mouthful is full of collagen It is estimated that this is the first impression most people have of pig hooves. Pig’s feet do contain a lot of collagen, but they are not high-quality macromolecular proteins, which can not be directly absorbed by the human body. And pig’s hoof contains a lot of fat, eat more not only on the skin does not play any role, but also lead to fat, adverse to the body. “Legend” can add collagen chicken feet, chicken wings, the same reason. < / P > < p > if female friends want to maintain their skin, they can often drink a little selenium rich liquid peptide in their daily life. This is the most direct way to supplement collagen. The small molecule collagen peptide it contains will be directly absorbed by the human body and used to the skin, which can make the skin more elastic and become white and ruddy. Farewell to skin relaxation, wrinkles caused by the “aging”. < p > < p > the selenium rich liquid peptide is added with selenium, acerola cherry, vitamin C and other skin nourishing substances. Among them, vitamin C is a powerful “promoter” in the process of collagen synthesis. These skin nourishing ingredients can improve the respiratory and metabolic function of the skin, accelerate the discharge of toxin waste, fade the spots, help maintain the skin elasticity, and make the skin more compact and smooth. HEALTHY LIFE