Wonderful music kingdom unveils winter Fantasy Fairy Tales

Beijing Hui Ju center ushered in the annual year-end celebration, inviting many guests to gather in the “music kingdom” to light up the winter lights, officially opening the curtain of the gathering fairy tale Festival. From now on to January 4, next year, Beijing grand gathering center will bring children’s original music children’s dramas and colorful performances full of children’s interests, so that everyone can experience the unique music charm across time, distance and age in a happy atmosphere, and the multiple surprise benefits of the sixth anniversary celebration are waiting to be announced! < / P > < p > on the day of the event, a dreamy music kingdom appeared at the Beijing gathering center, which opened the door of the fairy tale season 2020. In the countdown, Mr. Marco lunardi, the general manager of Beijing Huiju center, lit the lights for everyone and officially announced the opening of the festival. With the joyful music, the guests stepped into the dreamland one after another, and started the journey of music kingdom. Touch the wall instruments of the treasure house, listen to the timbre of different instruments in the light and shadow transformation, step down the keys of the eight sound box with light steps, and play your own music! < / P > < p > after an extraordinary year, Beijing Huiju center is willing to provide a warm and healing gathering place for friends of all ages, and also hopes to accompany you through every important moment. Come to get together, meet with friends, clock in and take photos in the music kingdom, stop each other’s beautiful smiles, or enjoy a big meal with your family to reward your efforts in this year, and then spend a love filled anniversary with your lover. Let’s make this a witness to the wonderful moments of life. < / P > < p > in December this year, the Beijing gathering center will prepare multiple surprise activities and welfare experiences for Beijing residents. It will not only create a dream music kingdom full of Musical Magic, but also bring original five music children’s plays throughout the fairy tale season, so that children can learn and play happily in wonderful and moving stories. Starting from December 18, Beijing grand gathering center will open a three-day six-year anniversary store celebration, providing a variety of rich welfare packages, including ultra-low discounts of as low as 30% discount, as well as various kinds of vouchers such as big brand beauty makeup and catering food, so that you can seize the soft hand, and there are luxury lucky draw waiting for you! Focus