Wrinkles the most “hate” five kinds of fruit, nothing to eat, tighten the skin, highlight the charm of women

Collagen is helpful to maintain women’s skin health. However, with the gradual growth of age, the collagen in women’s body will gradually lose. In addition, they don’t pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times, which makes the skin more and more relaxed.

most women like to eat snacks, but some very common snacks are easy to accelerate the aging process. I advise you to quickly pull into the blacklist, or form a good habit to supplement the required collagen and make your skin tighter.

popcorn is a popular snack no matter when you are shopping or watching a movie. The fragrance of popcorn is very attractive, especially for women, and even as a daily snack.

but the content of fiber in popcorn is very high, which is a kind of harmful substance, which will cause certain damage to the nervous system after entering the human body.

once eating too much popcorn into the body, it will also aggravate the aging speed of various internal organs of the body. The skin is aging faster and faster, and there are more and more wrinkles. Therefore, this kind of common snack can be called “aging device” for women.

spicy strip makes many people salivate. Spicy strip is a kind of food which is more attractive and helps to appetizer. But in the production process, it needs to be fried, and a variety of seasonings will be added. It belongs to high oil, high fat, spicy and pungent food.

if women often eat spicy strips, this kind of food will also affect the detoxification and metabolism of internal organs, and even lead to excessive water loss of cells, which will lead to long spots and wrinkles on the face, worse and worse skin, and accelerate aging.

ham sausage is a kind of processed meat food. It tastes better with the production, but it is not conducive to health. Many additives, nitrite, preservatives and so on will be added in the production process.

therefore, ham sausage is also known as the “aging agent” for women. I advise you to control your mouth quickly. Those who love to eat should not act willfully. Please show mercy.

most of you can’t walk when you see desserts first, and you like to eat some cream cakes very much. However, excessive intake of desserts will not only induce body shape, but also accelerate skin aging.

sweets contain high sugar content, which can cause long-term chemical reactions in the body and accelerate the loss of collagen. Let your skin condition worse and worse, grow a lot of spots, wrinkles, yellow face sooner or later to find you.

if women don’t want to grow old, they should speed up the process of aging. For these kinds of food, please join the blacklist as soon as possible. To develop good habits can help to protect the body’s collagen and delay aging.

kiwi fruit is very familiar to all. It is a common fruit, also known as Kiwi fruit. It is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, which can help beautify the skin and delay aging.

kiwi fruit also has antioxidant effect, helps women whiten skin, resist aging, expel toxins and garbage from the body, lighten wrinkles and spots, and make your skin tighter and more feminine.

grapefruit is a kind of food with high nutritional value, and grapefruit also has a very powerful role in skin care, which is rich in citric acid, beauty and beauty, delay aging.

it’s also the season for a large number of grapefruit to appear on the market. Eating a little properly or pressing juice with grapefruit can help dead skin cells metabolize and excrete, making skin more compact, smooth, delicate and not aging.

if female friends want to delay the process of aging, they can often eat a little mulberry, which is rich in amino acids and a variety of trace substances, which can help beauty and beauty, and fade wrinkles.

mulberry is a kind of seasonal food with short shelf life. It can adhere to drinking with dried mulberry water. It can also help enhance the immunity, promote the metabolism of the body, discharge toxins and garbage, and tighten the skin and look young.

Cherry is rich in VC, VA and other trace substances, among which the iron content is also very high. If you eat it properly, it can help supplement the nutrients you need, provide collagen for your skin, and make your skin more compact and smooth.

women often eat a little cherry, which can also nourish Qi and blood, help women reduce wrinkles and color spots, delay the aging process, and have delicate skin, showing younger and more energetic.

if women want to maintain their skin, they can eat more grapes at ordinary times. Grape is a common fruit, which contains grape polyphenols, which has strong antioxidant function and helps to block the proliferation of free genes.

grapes can also help delay aging, and the citric acid in grapes can also moisturize, make skin more moist and white, and make skin delicate, showing feminine charm.

in daily life, women must develop good living habits and eating habits, which will help to fade wrinkles and spots, make your skin more compact, younger and more energetic than their peers. 08/16/2020