You can go into the delivery room without taking anything. None of these three things is missing. The pregnant mother knows in advance

Production is the biggest thing in a woman’s life, because it is necessary to give birth to the next generation and experience “rebirth”, so it is a barrier of life.

for Baoma who gives birth for the first time, she is in a hurry in the face of many emergencies, although according to the menstrual period of the pregnant mother, the expected date of delivery can be calculated.

seeing that her pregnancy is eight months old, some friends kindly remind her to prepare the bags for childbirth in case of emergency. However, ye ye feels that there is no need. Now it’s very convenient to purchase. She doesn’t need to buy anything at any time.

on this day, ye ye, accompanied by her family, went shopping. She didn’t see a group of children chasing and fighting. She accidentally bumped into ye ye in the playroom.

after the mother and son were pushed to the ward, ye ye didn’t even have clothes to change, so her husband went out in a hurry to buy the baby’s milk powder, daily necessities and what Baoma needed.

Ye’s husband keeps calling to ask how to buy, so many brands and functions have already dazzled. Ye has just finished production, and he is weak, so he has to be energetic to answer his husband’s questions. Don’t be too busy!

even within three days of the due date of birth, only 25% of the lucky babies are born. Under normal conditions, about two weeks before and after the due date of birth are the normal range of babies.

all kinds of certificates to prove identity and physical condition are essential when entering the hospital for labor. Pregnant mothers need to prepare: ID card, household register, birth permit, temporary residence permit, marriage certificate, prenatal examination, etc.

postpartum: two sets of washing clothes, breast-feeding clothes and cotton slippers can be prepared; Maternity sanitary napkins, diapers, puerperal mats and other sanitary products; breast pump, soft cotton washing products, washbasin and so on.

seven months before delivery, we can carry out “Lamaze breathing method” for breathing training. Accompanied by family members, we can master breathing skills, overcome fear, and achieve the effect of relieving pain.

Baoma needs to know the birth process in advance. The so-called “know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never lose a hundred battles.”. Understanding the occurrence of the process is more conducive to Baoma with the doctor, successfully complete the delivery process.

the second stage: when the uterus is fully opened until the fetus is delivered, under the guidance of the doctor, the breathing is adjusted, the fetal head drops, and the pelvis is pressed. The body will unconsciously exert force, and finally the baby is delivered through a period of efforts.

after delivery, the nurse will clean the baby, clap the soles of the feet and cry, turn on the heat preservation lamp to ensure the temperature, cover the footprints, and measure the height and weight of the baby. Focus