You lose your hair after you exercise? The doctor tells you, why does exercise cause hair loss?

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this cartoon called, in which the hero is called Qiyu, who is a little employee who achieves nothing. In the story, he saved a child. Since then, he has been determined to become the strongest person. He has started hellish training and insisted on high-intensity training every day. Finally, a year later, he realized his dream and became the strongest man. Every enemy was dealt with one blow, but he was bald.

another young man in his twenties, who was recently sent to the hot search, found that his hair was falling down, so he went to the hospital for examination. The explanation given by the doctor was related to his daily exercise. So what’s the matter?

the doctor told us that the young man had come to him before. At that time, he told us that it was because of excessive exercise, which led to too much androgen secretion in the body, leading to hair loss. As long as we can change the exercise, we can relieve this symptom. At the beginning, I was very obedient, but after the hair transplant, I began to exercise again. After this check, my hair started again. Finally, give him two choices, either give up exercise, or give up hair, can only choose one.

the doctor told us that the main factor leading to young men’s hair loss is excessive exercise, which leads to excessive secretion of androgen in the body, but the main hormone inducing hair loss is dihydrotestosterone. In our muscle development process, testosterone has always been involved, but if the exercise is not for the purpose of muscle exercise, under normal circumstances will not cause hair loss.

but there is also a reason for exercise hair loss is heredity. If a person has the genetic gene of hair loss when he is not exercising, he will also have hair loss. But if you have this gene and do high-intensity exercise, the symptoms of hair loss will be more obvious.

if you find that a large number of hair begins to fall off after fitness, it means that the hair follicle has started to dry up at the moment. At this time, further treatment can no longer achieve any effect. On the contrary, it also costs a lot of time and money. The only way to do it is to transplant hair. But don’t think your hair won’t fall off after you finish it. If you don’t protect it or continue to exercise, your hair will still fall off.

of course, in addition to this way of hair loss, it may also be caused by psychology, diet or some other bad habits. Therefore, we should pay attention to the hair loss caused by exercise and these aspects.

correct your bad habits, because bad living habits will lead to the contraction of capillaries on the scalp, affect the growth of hair and avoid hair loss. Also let the mood smooth, to correctly ease their own pressure, find their own way to vent, do not let themselves in a relatively large state of pressure for a long time, this will also cause hair loss.

so the main reason for hair loss is excessive exercise, which leads to too much testosterone secretion in the body. Of course, we should also pay attention to other causes of hair loss in life to avoid the occurrence of hair loss. 08/16/2020