You only need to rub a pair of yin and Yang! Middle aged and old people study

The magic method of yin and Yang tonifying is “rubbing the palms of hands” and “rubbing the soles of feet”. We must not despise this seemingly simple method. The so-called road is simple, the path is complicated, and the external way is mysterious. After a week of serious practice, it will bring you unexpected surprise. Why is “rubbing the palms” and “rubbing the soles of feet” the magic methods of yin and Yang?

there is a hot acupoint in the palm of the hand. Rubbing the palm can generate “fire” and tonify Yang. There is a cool acupoint in the center of the foot. Rubbing the center of the foot can nourish yin and replenish water. Rubbing the center of the foot with a hot palm can make water and fire blend and balance yin and Yang. Many people’s insomnia is like this.

the acupoint on the palm of the hand is called Laogong. When holding fist, the place under the middle finger is the acupoint of pericardium meridian. It belongs to “fire” like pericardial meridian, and it is hot in nature. There is an idiom of “rubbing hands and fists”, which generally refers to the preparation before a big fight. Yang Qi needs to be stimulated before a big fight, so the hot acupoint in the palm of the hand will be rubbed.

many traditional Chinese massage treatments are used here. For example, after rubbing hands, pressing them on the waist, abdomen and eyes, they use their heat to warm some damaged and tired parts and organs. A classmate of mine has very good eyes, which is rare among the students with high incidence of myopia without glasses. Her health care method is to warm the eyes with rubbing hot palms, which is equivalent to tonifying yang qi for tired eyes and increasing their ability.

the acupoint on the center of the foot is called Yongquan, which is the well point of the kidney meridian. The so-called well point means that the kidney meridian originates from here. The nature of the kidney meridian is relative to that of the pericardium meridian, belonging to water and cool nature. Its well point also has the same nature, and it is often used to nourish yin and replenish water. Some people’s eyes are red and swollen, and it is always bad to eat gunpowder. Finally, it is cured by massage the foot. The reason is that the person’s fire is virtual fire. The appearance of virtual fire is due to the lack of water. It can be reduced by replenishing water. Massage Yongquan is equivalent to taking nourishing Yin medicine and replenishing water for the body.

some people are full of fire, usually upset, insomnia and dreamy. If they take medicine, the doctor will prescribe cow bezoar to clear the heart, and the king of heaven will tonify the heart. Only by removing the fire and nourishing the heart Yin, can the deficiency fire be calmed. This kind of person can rub the palm of his hand and then rub the center of his foot with the hot palm. In this way, the heart fire and the kidney water will meet, and the floating heart fire will drop because of the kidney water Let’s bring down the heart fire, which is also called “igniting fire and returning to Yuan” in traditional Chinese medicine. It is often used in the treatment of various Deficiency Hyperactivity caused by the floating of heart fire, such as insomnia and aphtha. Moreover, the aphtha is only on the tip of the tongue. The tongue is very red, upset, restless and so on. All of these symptoms are listed here. Rub it for 5-10 minutes before going to sleep every day, and then stick to it for a few days. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE