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A bottle of concentrated ginsenomics Gamma The legendary invigorating essence, ginseng fruit extract and triple gold peptide are the three major gold repair ingredients, achieving outstanding skin beauty value and rejuvenating the skin young potential for thousands of women.

snow show’s exclusive soul element ginsenomics Gamma Legend activating essence is selected from 30 kinds of ginseng skin beauty saponins. It is integrated with the advanced biological transformation technology, and refined to produce 6000 times high concentration active essence. At the same time, through the energy storage technology, it can maintain its maximum activity, release the active essence instantly when applying, which can penetrate into the skin layer by layer, accelerate the synthesis of collagen, and rejuvenate the cell regeneration ability, so as to endow the skin with its own youth.

24000 + hours of careful cultivation and extraction, xuexuexiu uses exclusive technology to condense high concentration ginseng berry extract, creating another golden repair ingredient of shizian bottle, namely ginseng fruit extract. The cultivation of ginseng berries takes more than 1000 days, and can only be picked once in the life cycle of ginseng, and it must be picked up at the best condition before it falls, so as to ensure that the life and energy of ginseng berries can be condensed to the maximum extent and play its excellent anti-aging effect. Xuexuexiu’s “ginseng berry” research history began in 2005. Over the past ten years, xuexuexiu has made continuous efforts in its research. It has not only brought the skin beautifying function of ginseng berry extract into full play, but also produced a number of academic achievements in ginseng research, giving ginseng new skin care value.

shizian bottle uses more refined technology and faster efficacy to explain the excellent effect of ginseng fruit extract on skin anti-aging, which has been proved to have strong anti-aging and healing effects. It is the active source of shizian in relieving sensitivity, adjusting redness and repairing skin micro damage. In addition to the rare anti-aging ingredients from ginseng,

is the three heavy gold peptide with collocation of seven peptides and eight peptides, which is also used to pour golden anti aging energy into time ampoules. The gold peptide has been applied to many skin care and anti-aging products, and its powerful anti aging energy has been certified. In the time safety bottle, the combination of three golden peptides is optimized to repair skin aging traces in 21 days, effectively fade expression lines and prevent deep wrinkles. It can help the skin to restore moisture, luster, fullness and translucency, smooth pores, achieve skin degeneration in multiple directions, and freeze young muscle age.

natural plant extract energy can play the best repair effect only by maintaining high activity. Ginsenomics condensed by biotransformation technology and live energy storage technology Gamma The legendary activating essence contains 6000 times high concentration active extract, which is sealed separately from ginseng fruit extract with high concentration activity in the innovative “lock fresh warehouse”, effectively maintaining the optimal state of two natural substances. Use the first touch to unlock and activate manually. The essence will show the pale orange of the ginseng berry. The extremely dense and high-density repair energy will be released instantly, providing the freshest antiaging liquid for the skin.

when using the bottle for the first time, hold the lower part of the bottle with one hand and the upper part with the other hand, rotate the upper and lower bottle body clockwise until the orange line disappears, and then shake the bottle body to both sides to make the two formulas mix vividly and give full play to the golden effect. The essence of the mixture can be completely kept fresh for 3 weeks. It is suggested that consumers should use one bottle in the first 3 weeks after the first opening, and witness the 21 day intensive maintenance miracle.

as a intensive repair product, shizian can quickly play a significant skin care effect after each use. A drop can instantly relieve skin sensitivity, strengthen skin protection barrier, and reduce skin redness by 8.38%. Long term use can effectively improve the skin quality, fade the traces of age, witness skin degeneration, and set a young state.

according to P & amp; K Skin Research Center Co. From April 6, 2020 to April 29, 2020, a total of 34 women aged 20-49 years were treated with this product daily for 21 days. After 21 days of continuous use, the skin moisture was + 21.04%, glossiness was + 4.77%, firmness was + 10.79%, wrinkles were reduced by – 9.09%, and pores were reduced by – 19.81%. The powerful function of time ampoule repairing and aging resistance can be displayed in a variety of skin types in the short term.

time ampoules and time bottles constitute golden old CP “double bottles of time” to achieve gold double dip. Using time bottle alone, 8 weeks deep tightening lifting, reshaping the overall facial contour. At the same time, with the use of time ampoule, synergy, only 14 days to increase the percentage, pull tight, strength witness the acceleration of youth, time stop, help the skin quickly return to the young state.

according to the results of the HUT test in Shanghai, consumers’ satisfaction with synergistic effects of essence and essence reached 100%. According to the third party agency Remotion usage report, 35 30-39 year old women from May 6, 2020 to May 20th used two products daily for 14 days, 97% of users felt wrinkles were improved, and 100% of users felt tighter.

3。 It can be used together with time bottle. It takes only 14 days to strengthen the skin. Focus