Your left and right faces are asymmetric, most of them have these two habits, and the appearance of one of them is obviously decreased

After the combination, it can be more obvious that her left and right faces are different. In her left face, there is a small “bulge”, which is due to the “masseter muscle” caused by eating on one side, which makes the left face larger. < p > < p > for example, Tang Yan, whether she is shooting magazines or wearing a hat at ordinary times, is mostly for sun shading. If she wears a hat at an angle, ultraviolet light will still damage the skin. < / P > < p > after the combination, you can feel that Tang Yan’s left and right faces have undergone great changes, so that they look very different. This is because the sun protection is not in place, resulting in different skin types on both sides of Tang Yan’s face. < p > < p > but later, I found that Tang Yan’s face began to become less asymmetric, and the skin texture on her left and right became well nourished. I think her face looks whiter, so it won’t be too asymmetric. < / P > < p > if you want to make your skin whiter, you have to pay more attention to the step of washing your face. Washing your face can clean up the grease on your face Nature is more unified and pure! < / P > < p > therefore, if you want to unify the skin texture, you need to pay more attention to the washing face! You might as well try this Yongfang Pearl Flower amino acid cleanser, it can improve the facial blemishes, let the skin present a more natural moisturizing feeling! < / P > < p > the water and oil balance of skin needs to be restored. This Yongfang pearl flower beauty amino acid cleanser can help you! It can well inhibit the speed of skin oil, at the same time, with efficient strength to clean out the dust and defects in the face, so that the skin presents a natural dry feeling. < / P > < p > problems such as sensitivity, acne, acne, mites and so on can be improved after experiencing Yongfang Zhenzhu Huayan amino acid cleanser. Its main ingredients can better inhibit the secretion of oil, while more gentle to repair the damaged skin barrier. < / P > < p > the ingredients that repair the barrier function, together with the main substances, amino acids, can make Yongfang pearl flower beauty amino acid facial cleanser have the effect of moisturizing, moisturizing and improving sensitivity. After washing your face, your skin will be more moist, natural and powdery!

coconut potassium glycine potassium, the flower of Yali flower has the effect of repairing damaged skin and replenishing skin moisture. Now the weather gradually turns cool and at the same time, it also enters the autumn. It is naturally very dry. At this time, we choose Yung Fang Pearl Flower Yan amino acid cleansing milk to replenish water, with the essence, the skin will be more white and transparent. < p > < p > < p > the key component of repairing skin is Tiara flower, which can better penetrate into the muscle bottom, and play a good skin care and skin care effect, making the skin more white, tender, flawless, and super elastic at the same time! < / P > < p > lauroyl zwitterionic sodium acetate also has the effect of replenishing water, so if you are a little sister who is prone to water shortage, you should use Yongfang pearl Huayan amino acid cleanser! < / P > < p > pay attention to the “mite” on your face! This kind of Yongfang pearl flower beauty amino acid cleanser also has the effect of removing mites. It gently smoothes the raised small particles on the face, and relieves the discomfort of sensitive pruritus, which can better help people solve the facial problems. < / P > < p > choosing Yongfang Zhenzhu Huayan amino acid cleanser is equivalent to choosing an artifact that can repair the damaged facial barrier and improve acne and acne! < / P > < p > after a month of use, many girls whose skin barrier is damaged are more healthy! So on the official website, many little sisters with damaged skin said that their skin became more white and moist!

but this amino acid Cleansing Cream produces water with a slight froth. After all, its main function is to repair, which helps to protect the skin’s barrier. < / P > < p > then if you are a friend with a lot of skin defects, if you want your skin to get better, you need a kind of Yongfang pearl Huayan amino acid cleanser that can improve acne and sensitivity! Now there are many kinds of discounts! Super high cost performance! BEAUTY&SKIN CARE