Yousheng education is protected by thousands of parents and employees are “dismissed”

Beijing Yousheng brilliant Education Technology Co., Ltd., an old educational institution, has been experiencing a refund campaign for several months.

“it’s full upstairs and downstairs at ten in the morning.” Parents at the scene said that when the reporter arrived at the scene, a warning line had been set up on the street. There were thousands of parents protecting their rights outside the shopping mall. Some parents said that the largest number of people gathered at the scene was 34000.

since the beginning of this year, there has been news from all over the country that Yousheng education is in arrears with its employees’ salaries and that it is difficult for students to refund their fees. The amount of money to be refunded varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan, and the total amount is still in the statistics.

the screenshot provided by a parent to interface education shows that only in Huangzhuang campus of Haidian District in Beijing, 138 parents have been defending their rights, and the amount to be returned exceeds 5 million yuan.

interface Education tried to query the number of campuses in China on the official website of Yousheng education, but the page display could not provide services. Baidu Encyclopedia shows that there are more than 1200 directly operated campuses in more than 400 cities across the country.

“winning education owes me 107840 yuan in total.” Moving mother, a representative of the rights protection parents in Huangzhuang campus, told interface education that she had reported the course to her children after last year’s national day. She caught up with the epidemic after a few classes at the beginning.

because she was not satisfied with her teaching service, her mother had submitted a refund to Yousheng education in December last year. The other side responded that the refund would take six months. This year, the new crown epidemic broke out, and the latter failed to return to school, the teacher taught at home, and the financial department did not return to Beijing.

in addition to winning education, the mother also applied for courses of Goss education, New Oriental and gogoreading. Due to the epidemic situation, each family has some refund procedures. “Goss refund is the fastest, New Oriental is the second, and gogoreading is the most procrastinating one.”

“I complain almost every month and every week. One is the complaint wire from the headquarters of unison.” The latter said that seven working days to reply, the result did not reply.

Xu Xianhui, a lawyer from Beijing Jingrui law firm, told interface education that according to its estimation, tuition fees that should be refunded in Beijing campus may reach hundreds of millions of yuan, and there may even be a funding gap of more than one billion yuan, which may reach 10 billion yuan nationwide.

on October 14, winning education changed its legal person. According to tianyancha app, its legal person changed from CEO Chen Hao to Tang FangQiong, who is Chen Hao’s mother. According to public data, Chen Hao’s parents are both researchers and doctoral supervisors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

with regard to the emergency replacement of legal person, Xu Xianhui told interface education that Chen Hao could not escape the responsibility whether it was a criminal case or a civil case. “The problem of funds is the problem that Chen Hao had when he was the legal representative. In addition, the act of changing the legal person in an emergency is also very unfavorable to him,” Xu said. “It means that he has premeditated.”

excellence education was established in 1999. It covers personalized education and training program “Yousheng 1-1” for 6-18-year-old population, “youshengpai” of quality education and training project, and “winner family” of family education and training program.

Chen Xiang, a teacher who has worked in Beijing Yousheng education for more than a year, previously told interface education that his store in Changping District had defaulted on his salary since January this year, but he still organized teachers to carry out the line in February. In the middle of the month, he asked the superior supervisor about the arrears of salary. After being kicked out of the group and wechat teaching group, he was expelled. Chen 888, the director, said that he had no reason to owe his salary. According to his understanding, since December last year, most of the teachers’ salaries in his store have not been paid in full, and Chen Xiang was owed nearly 20000 yuan.

Anji, a teacher working in Tianjin Yousheng education franchise store, told interface education that her campus had experienced personnel changes since November, including the principal, the operation director, the educational administration director and the financial department personnel left one after another, and the salary of the on-the-job teachers in November was delayed for three or four days. It was supposed to be paid in January, and the salary in December was not paid on time.

“at that time, we didn’t know the reasons for the collective resignation of these leaders. Later, we learned from colleagues in the financial department that there was something wrong with the books of the campus.” Anji said that the total wages owed by the teachers in her store was about 400000. She had left her job at the end of January and was applying for labor arbitration.

in the group of excellent teachers’ rights protection, the interface Education found through the statistical table that 438 employees are currently in arrears of wages, and the maximum amount of single person’s arrears is as high as 150000 yuan.

Wen Qing, who has worked in Yousheng for three years, told interface education that “social security has been cut off for a long time, because no wages have been paid, and during the epidemic period, there is still pressure on various fees such as rent and overdue credit cards.”

according to the wechat screenshot provided by Wenqing, his colleague Xiaojin went to the social security bureau to verify that Xiaojin had been laid off on October 18, and the reason for the reduction registered by the Social Security Bureau was that he was voluntary. According to Wen Qing, Xiao Jin only learned about it when he went to the Social Security Bureau today, which was equivalent to “being dismissed”.

Wen Qing provided a video to interface education, saying that the woman speaking in the video was a senior manager of excelsior education. The senior manager mentioned in the video that one solution is “suggest all teachers in the campus to start a business again, so as to minimize the loss.”

specifically, “teachers can continue to teach for their children, and parents will give teachers extra fees, about 80 to 150 yuan per hour, to finish the rest of the class.” In addition, a parent committee will be set up to monitor matters. But most parents said that the first demand is a refund, and the willingness to continue learning is not strong.

, through the senior manager, was able to contact parents of parents in charge of winning education CEO Chen Hao, who said in the afternoon live broadcast of the sound, Chen Hao had suffered serious injuries during the epidemic. In Beijing, for example, the current revenue accounted for only 1/4 of the past. “Executives tiktok and sell iron are barely maintained.”

in addition, according to the information released by the parents’ rights group, from October 19 to November 4, special personnel will come to attend to the courses and refund problems of each campus according to the date.

the latest confirmed information is that Longtan police station in Dongcheng District of Beijing has registered part of the reported information and reported the information to the Branch Bureau for economic investigation. Parents will go to Dongcheng District for economic investigation and unified registration on October 22. Parents from other districts and counties will report to local police stations on October 20.

the reason why we chose economic investigation is that “compared with civil litigation, the former is relatively beneficial to parents”. Xu Xianhui told interface education, “if all the money is expropriated by Chen Hao, and the parents take a civil lawsuit, and then take the execution path, it will be an empty shell, which will be very harmful to the parents.”

first, transferring to other accounts will constitute fraud if it is true; second, loss in the operation process, “the money will not be returned”; third, the investment company, whose result may be increased funds or bankruptcy; fourth, the investment enterprise still survives, “because of the bad operation situation caused by the epidemic, its income can not be recovered temporarily, but in the long run, it is still possible I can get it back. ” Focus