YSL Saint Laurent square tube pure lipstick is the first red brown lipstick in the world

In the fashion world of Yves Saint Laurent, make-up can never be separated from fashion. In 1978, Saint Laurent formally dabbled in the makeup industry and launched the first classic square tube pure lipstick, which has become an eternal classic since it was introduced. It broke the secular shackles on women and gave women the power to show themselves. Since then, YSL square tube lipstick has continued to bring popular lip color to women, leading the trend of beauty. In January 2021, YSL Saint Laurent square tube pure lipstick King returns, with three new color series and six new colors to upgrade the quality of moistening satin, which brings endless possibilities for makeup lovers to create bold makeup, and gives women a strong self-confidence and a new image of what they want to say. < / P > < p > the new trend lip color of this series is inspired by the imaginative world of Founder Yves Saint Laurent and the brand history of classic legend, which will take you on a journey of color exploration in staggered time and space. The new lip color, with its gorgeous and high-profile red brown posture, gives YSL women the spiritual strength to be fearless, speak freely and express themselves. < / P > < p > this time, YSL Saint Laurent meticulously modulated six new colors of high set avant-garde red, orange and nude colors, without limitation, with bold and straightforward color collision, giving YSL women a strong aura, meeting the needs of different styles of women to create personalized lip color. < p > < p >? 1966 warm brown red: as the main color number of this series, its inspiration comes from 1966, the year when YSL Saint Laurent’s first clothing boutique opened in the Sixth District of Paris. Smoking clothes, which subverted the fashion world, made Saint Laurent win the title of Gaoding this year. It was also in this year that Mr. Saint Laurent met Morocco for the first time and wrote the inspiration line of retro red in the coming decades: this rich and cool lip color is the lip color of YSL Saint Laurent’s cosmetics Ambassador Zo Ë Kravitz and Edie Campbell. The number 21 of lip color just coincides with the street number of the first St. Laurent clothing boutique in Tournon street, the 6th District of Paris. And Fangguan pure lipstick No.21 is a high definition work that every woman can have – a bold declaration that is revolutionary and full of contradictions.

#1 is red: YSL Saint Laurent beauty logo red is released in 1978, is also Saint Laurent color makeup launched the first red lipstick color number, classic, can not be copied. This time, the classic red No.1 will return with the upgraded satin. < / P > < p > the brand new square tube pure lipstick adopts a formula base as pure as crystal, so that each color can present its true state, with a touch of color rendering, rich and pure. The paste contains pigment beads, bringing full color coverage, lasting and fresh. The new square tube lipstick will upgrade the high-grade Satin make-up effect to present a more delicate and bright full color. The new formula of pure color comfort composite factor, containing 25% natural moisturizing essence, easy to outline and light lips, bringing soft and moist comfort. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, the upgraded square tube pure lipstick follows the classic golden mirror body which is the only one designed by Mr. Saint Laurent. The classic YSL Cassandre logo in the center of the all gold tube body echoes with the brand logo engraved on the paste inside the tube. Founder’s profile and the side of the golden mirror reflect the shining light, adding a touch of luxury to Saint Laurent’s pure lipstick, and showing women’s confidence and charm. < / P > < p > participating in the design of these two classic elements is a relaxed and pleasant experience with a little pressure. This lipstick has entered thousands of women’s lives. The pure bright red has been repeatedly refined by the brand, and the texture has reached perfection, which makes it easy to make up. Therefore, in fact, my task is to add new colors to the existing classic products, expand imagination to create, such as adding a touch of orange or blue in red. This may seem simple, but it’s also a challenge to keep the colors fresh without making mistakes. < / P > < p > because the “natural” state of the base of pure lipstick formula is transparent, the desired effect can be seen quickly when the color is modulated. As a makeup artist, I can freely add pure pigment or pearl color to create the desired lip color and make the color more pure and intense. < p > < p > YSL Saint Laurent’s first classic lipstick No.1 was launched in 1978. How do you think the women who use lipstick today are different from those in 1978? Compared with women in 1978, lipstick is more popular in modern times. At that time, red lips were the patent of only a small number of people. Nowadays, lipstick has become more common. Everyone can draw red lips in a way that they like to show their unique beauty. < / P > < p > secondly, there was only one style and one color number of lipstick in those years, so women need to put on full make-up and dress ceremoniously. Nowadays, the presentation of fashion tends to be diversified, and everyone has the freedom to dress as he likes. Women can wear sports pants and T-shirts, and wear lipstick to show their avant-garde style. Similarly, women can also dress up to show their classic temperament. Every woman has the right and opportunity to choose. < / P > < p > the classification of red was relatively single in those years, but now it is more abundant, and the makeup methods of lipstick are more diverse. Everyone has his own favorite red, such as orange red, warm red, blues red, red, more blood red, passionate red and ruby red, each blooming different charm. < / P > < p > I have been fortunate to work with people of different races for a long time. Their different needs make me realize that everyone has the most beautiful red in their heart. Everyone’s skin color is different, like the gloss, brightness is not the same. And now women want to be healthier, more confident and more positive. According to different skin color and lip color, there will be different red, which can achieve better brightening effect. So we launched the No.1 neutral red for everyone. We also respond to the needs of women with warm or cold skin. 1966 is suitable for warm complexion, while 21 is suitable for cold complexion. < / P > < p > the 156 naked almond is an easy-to-use dreamy lip color, which can add color and luster to make-up. I really like the natural and delicate make-up feeling that looks plain, and the 156 color can create such an effect, it can make the lips more mellow, full and flexible. Color 156 is like a layer of light yarn attached to the lips. It has a natural luster, but it is very natural and light. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao