Yunnan Province junior high school student sports music fine arts examination plan came!

On December 3, 2020, the Education Department of Yunnan Province held a press conference in Kunming, which was officially released to the public, and made a detailed interpretation of the hot issues in the program, such as “what to test, how to test, who will take the test”, and responded to the social concerns. According to the relevant person in charge of the Education Department of Yunnan Province, in December 2019, the Education Department of Yunnan Province printed and issued it, which made it clear that the score of physical education was increased from 50 to 100, and that of music and fine arts was increased from 5 to 20 respectively. The main purpose of this issue is to guide students to seriously study physical education and aesthetic education courses, actively participate in sports aesthetic education activities, improve students’ physical health level and aesthetic quality. The implementation of the new scheme of sports music and art examination requires the joint participation of education departments, schools, teachers, students and parents, and the close cooperation of all parties. Education departments should urge schools to open full-time sports and aesthetic education courses, provide full-time teachers, provide sports aesthetic education facilities and equipment, and hold various sports and aesthetic education competitions and exhibition activities. The school should open a full range of sports aesthetic education courses, urge and guide students to actively participate in physical exercise, cultivate students’ ability to appreciate beauty, feel beauty and appreciate beauty, and hold sports meetings, art exhibitions and other activities. Full time teachers of physical education and aesthetic education should conscientiously teach every physical education class, music class and art class, and organize students to participate in various sports competitions and art exhibition activities. Students should seriously take part in physical education and aesthetic education courses, and take the initiative to participate in physical exercise and artistic quality promotion activities. Parents should cooperate with the school to supervise and support students to adhere to physical exercise, and encourage students to participate in art exhibition activities. The physical examination includes three parts: basic physical fitness test, special skill test and physical health monitoring, and gives the competition bonus points. Specifically: the basic physical fitness test includes the compulsory test items and the optional test items. The required items include 1-minute rope skipping, 50m running, 15m × 4 round-trip running, 1000m for boys and 800m for girls. Two out of six items were selected from sit forward flexion, 200 meter swimming, standing long jump, throwing solid ball, 100 meter running, boys’ pull-up / girls’ sit ups. Volleyball, tennis, badminton. Football, basketball and volleyball should be selected at least one item. Physical health monitoring includes body mass index and vital capacity body mass index. The competition points will be added according to the place obtained by the students participating in the national, provincial, state, city, county, urban and school level sports competitions. < p > < p > the music and fine arts examination includes two parts: quality evaluation and unified examination, and the exhibition activity score is given. Quality evaluation investigates the basic situation of students’ music and art quality, and records the process of students’ participation and experience in music and art learning. The unified examination examines students’ mastery of the basic knowledge of music and art and its related culture, as well as their ability to appreciate and create music and art. The exhibition activities will be scored according to the awards of students participating in school level and above activities. < p > < p > physical education examination is organized and implemented in three years and six semesters. 7、 The scores of Grade 8 and grade 9 are 20, 40 and 40 respectively. Additional points will be added to the competition scores. Those who exceed the full score of the current year will be counted as full score. The test method is that students can take the test in the unified test and appointment test. The unified test shall be organized by the school, with no less than 3 times per semester; students can make an appointment to participate in the test organized by the school according to their own situation, and the best score will be included in the semester score. < p > < p > the total score of music and art examination is 20 points each, which is composed of quality evaluation and unified examination. The quality evaluation score accounts for 30% and the unified examination score accounts for 70%. In the first five semesters of Grade 7, Grade 8 and grade 9, the quality assessment is carried out in the way of the combination of classroom assessment record and examination; the unified examination is organized and implemented in the second semester of grade 9, and the music is mainly composed of listening and visual appreciation. The final score of music and fine arts examination is the final score of music and fine arts examination by converting the score of quality assessment and unified examination into grade score, and the score exceeding the full score shall be counted as full score. The main content of the exhibition activity is that students participate in the activities organized by education departments and schools at all levels. Among them, music exhibition activities must be collective projects. < p > < p > the physical examination is organized by the county and urban education and Sports Bureau, and implemented by the school as a unit. The state and city education and Sports Bureau is responsible for guidance, coordination and supervision. There are 1 examiners, 1 Deputy examiners, 3 student supervisors and 3 student recorders. The examination results are confirmed by the examiners, deputy examiners, supervisors, recorders and examinees themselves. The bonus points of student competition shall be submitted to the school for examination and approval after preliminary examination by the head teacher and physical education teacher. < p > < p > the unified examination of music and fine arts is unified by the state and city education and Sports Bureau, organized by the examination, and unified by the county and city education and Sports Bureau. The quality evaluation is organized and implemented by the school. The exhibition activities are organized and implemented by education departments and schools at all levels. The plan is clear. The key point and key link of physical education examination lies in the school. The school should do a good job in the examination work from the following three aspects: first, strengthen the organization and management, clarify the responsibilities of the principal and the vice principal in charge, and the physical education teaching and research group and physical education teachers are responsible for the specific work; second, do a good job in training examiners and explain clearly the requirements and scoring standards of the examination to students; third, strengthen the organization and management of the examination It is to do a good job in the security of students during the physical examination. Will the program lead to a large number of extracurricular sports, music and art training activities? Yunnan Provincial Education Department officials said that students do not need to participate in off campus training. The purpose of setting the score of 100 in physical education and 20 in music and fine arts is to make schools, families and society pay more attention to physical exercise and aesthetic education, let children love sports from childhood, improve students’ aesthetic and humanistic quality, cultivate their sentiment, warm their hearts, and stimulate their innovation and creativity. It can be said that as long as children seriously attend school physical education, music and art classes, actively participate in the “one hour a day exercise” activities and various sports competitions organized by schools and classes, music and art exhibition activities, the vast majority of children can achieve ideal results. < p > < p > for how to avoid the differences in students’ performance caused by regional, urban-rural, inter school and teacher conditions, the relevant person in charge of Yunnan Provincial Education Department said that there are objective differences in school running conditions and teaching staff among regions, between urban and rural areas, and between schools, but such differences will not lead to differences in students’ sports aesthetic education achievements. On the one hand, the program insists on proceeding from reality, and sets optional items in the examination for students to choose according to the actual situation. For example: swimming is not a must test item, conditional can carry out the test, no condition can be replaced by other items. On the other hand, in view of the structural gap of teachers in some rural schools, the Education Department of Yunnan Province will actively coordinate with relevant departments, increase the recruitment of teachers and speed up the allocation of teachers. It will also encourage the existing teachers to return to professional teaching posts, train other teachers with special skills to be part-time teachers of music, sports and beauty, and carry out “synchronous classroom” by means of information technology “Cloud classroom”, as well as the government purchase services to hire retired athletes, folk artists and other ways, comprehensive measures to make up for the shortcomings. The relevant person in charge of the Education Department of Yunnan Province said that the formulation of the new examination plan is conducive to promoting quality education and promoting the comprehensive and personalized development of students. The program will be implemented from September 2020 for the seventh grade students. < / P > < p > original title: heavyweight! What is the reform of Yunnan high school entrance examination? How to test? How to avoid differences? Yunnan Province junior high school student sports music fine arts examination plan came! Focus