Zhang Junning, 40, is a girl with a body weight of only 47kg. It’s a big secret to keep fit

Introduction: I think the best relationship is that we have the same hobbies and complement each other. We work hard for the same thing, crazy for the same thing, what you want to do is what I want to do. In the entertainment industry, there are such a pair of friends. They like sports and travel, and they are free to do what they want! They are Zhang Junning and Chen Yihan. < / P > < p > Zhang Junning’s leg line and Chen Yihan’s swan neck are the things that people will pay attention to in the photos. Especially Zhang Junning, we are amazed at her self-discipline. In the life she yearns for, she is pushed into the hot search because of her self-discipline life. In the variety show, she was the first to get up early and sit at the door meditating. But before she runs, she wakes up guests one by one for a morning run. Express your ideal state of life by running every morning. < / P > < p > although she is very tall, she always sticks to it. As long as we keep on exercising, we have to do a lot of research on diet. She knows what to eat to keep healthy. In addition, people in their 30s are still energetic every day. It can be seen that keeping fit is a very beneficial project and a very beneficial project to protect physical and mental health. < / P > < p > because of their persistence, they have bodies that others can’t imagine. What kind of sports are suitable for ordinary people? We don’t have much time to go to the gym or play with equipment. We can only make our body better in limited time, Pilates is our choice. < / P > < p > Pilates can exercise our muscles, build the lines of our bodies, and improve our body coordination. It only takes 20 minutes, and if you stick with it, you can’t imagine. You just need a thruster and a yoga mat. < / P > < p > maybe for some people, the thruster and yoga mat are too cheap to achieve the effect you imagine, but I want to say that expensive is not necessarily the best, so choose the one suitable for us. Now I’ll teach you some training. You can keep practicing to achieve the desired effect. < / P > < p > hold the thruster, step on the pedal, stand on the yoga mat, pull the thruster to the chest every time, a group of three cycles 20 times. It’s very helpful for women who have just had a baby to recover. < / P > < p > lie on the yoga mat, hold the thruster, step on the pedal, straighten your legs, and start pulling your legs up 90 degrees. It’s also 20 times, three times a cycle, which is good for us to lose waist fat. < / P > < p > yoga mat can make us exercise better. We can also do yoga on the yoga mat to coordinate the overall sense of balance and increase the flexibility of the body. < / P > < p > conclusion: it’s not too late to exercise now! Heart is not as good as action. Don’t be a spectator in life. Take action and become a giant in action. Don’t become a giant in thought. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Perfect figure, as long as you insist, you can achieve, and strive to become what you want to be. Persistence is the main theme of our life. Enjoy fitness and love fitness, so that your life will be colorful! Luanban