Zhang Wenhong: immunity is a “special medicine”. Four methods can “wake up” immunity

Nowadays, a variety of strange diseases are constantly appearing around people, and the speed of disease development is too fast, it does not give us any breathing opportunities, and the current medical level has not developed a specific medicine for the disease, more can only be the right medicine. So we don’t do anything about disease?

in view of this situation, Professor Zhang Wenhong proposed that immunity is the best specific drug for treating diseases, because only when the immune function is good, can we have enough physical strength and energy to fight diseases. Once the immune system is conquered, it will open the door to diseases.

if you want to improve immunity, you need to get enough sleep every day. The cure and recovery of all diseases can’t do without enough sleep. If you always stay up late, the cells inside the human body will feel something, and some cells will be damaged slowly. For a long time, it will affect people’s immune system. At this time, any small cold can be repeated for a long time. So it’s best to ensure about eight hours of sleep every day, and it’s best not to go to bed more than 10 o’clock at night.

try to have a balanced nutrition in your daily diet. Eat more fish, meat and eggs to supplement protein. Vegetables and fruits are also indispensable. Spicy and stimulating food should be reduced as far as possible, so as not to cause some negative effects on your body. Try not to be picky and ensure adequate nutrition every day. In addition, usually drink more water to help the body detoxification, the best amount of eight glasses of water a day, slowly can make immune function slowly improved.

for those who don’t like to exercise, their immune system is generally weak. As long as they encounter temperature changes, they are prone to colds and fever. People who often exercise usually have better physical fitness and won’t be entangled by some minor problems. They have stronger ability to be lower than diseases. So usually some exercise helps to improve immunity, people who don’t love sports can try to start from some mild exercise, such as jogging, yoga, aerobics, etc., appropriate exercise can also play a role in helping sleep, usually the next day will feel the mental state is not good, if you persist for a long time, the immune function will slowly recover.

according to the survey, immunity has a lot to do with mental health. If a person is often in a state of depression, it will lead to a decrease in immunity, while those who always keep an optimistic attitude will improve their immunity. Because the brain will decompose a substance according to the fluctuation of people’s emotions, which will directly affect the regulation of people’s immune system. Therefore, we must pay attention to our mental health in our daily life, and do not let ourselves be in a state of depression for a long time. Especially for some elderly people, their resistance is weaker than some young people, and they are more likely to cause some diseases.

so in daily life, we must pay more attention to our health and take the initiative to improve our immunity, so that we can have enough capital to fight against diseases. PARRENT&CHILDREN