Zhang Xinyu’s plain skin is better than the refined picture. She shares the good products for skin care in the new season and is praised by netizens as real and lovely

Zhang Xinyu’s husband is often not around, so Zhang Xinyu often takes pictures of her husband on the Internet to express her missing. In the photo taken with her husband, she is basically plain and her skin is white and delicate. She doesn’t look like someone who often stays up late and has a baby. < / P > < p > self portraits often don’t even use beauty filters. Even if it’s a plain and unsophisticated picture, it’s very transparent and flawless. There are no spots or acne marks, and the skin is very shiny. < / P > < p > in the bright environment, you can’t see any defects in the camera’s face. It looks like a girl. It’s really a personal interpretation of the beauty of human beings. Zhang Xinyu’s plain skin is better than the refined picture. She shares the good products for skin care in the new season and is praised by netizens as real and lovely. < / P > < p > whether you are young or not depends on your skin color. White skin and plain skin are similar to makeup, and they are more delicate and have temperament. But in reality, there are many people with delicate and good-looking facial features, but the skin condition is not good, and the whole person looks haggard and old. < / P > < p > in dry season, the skin is prone to water shortage and allergy. Skin care should pay attention to not only soothing and hydrating, but also not timely hydrating and repairing after sunburn. After a long time, it is easy to become dark yellow and grow fine lines due to dryness. < / P > < p > in the field of skin care, you can learn from Zhang Xinyu. Even if she has a baby in her 30s, her skin is still in perfect condition. Because netizens enthusiastically urged her to share skin care, Zhang Xinyu finally shared her skin care product. One of the sensitive muscles, Zhang Xinyu’s favorite cream, said it was very suitable for sensitive muscles. Its effect is very simple, the main is to replenishment and calm the skin. < / P > < p > lack of water on the skin is not only more likely to cause allergies, but also makes some friends have very strong oil on their skin in summer. It’s not long before their makeup is removed due to oil. In fact, this is the reason why the skin is very short of water. If the skin is full of water, it will rarely be oily.

has been praised by her husband for being more beautiful than makeup. Anita Yuen does not see how many hundreds of thousands of bags are bought. She only uses the skin care products to buy the right ones, but she has also shared her face cream and is still using it.

skin water is very easy to become dark yellow, no color, and the makeup will also be stuck powder, so the summer cream is cool and easy to absorb. Many people do not love cream, which is greasy, but this cream is especially suitable for oil skin and moisture refreshing. The cream of

is mainly extracted from plants. Three kinds of plant extracts have their own pertinence and are friendly to sensitive skin. After all, as the weather gets colder and colder, the skin needs nourishment to nourish.

Ai Kewei cream is based on “Rhizoma cohosh”, which contains natural PURITOX concentrate and many kinds of natural extracts from plants.

cream contains extract of Centella asiatica extract, bergamot extract and hamamelis extract. Not only can soothe the skin, in moisturizing repair above, these ingredients also have a great role.

moisturizing and moisturizing is relatively timely. It is very effective to relieve skin irritation like mild allergy or summer sun. After finishing it, it will feel a lot better and water. < / P > < p > for skin care, we can’t follow blindly, we need to focus on skin problems, whether it’s whitening or soothing, we must first do a good job of moisturizing, otherwise the skin is short of water and other nutrients can’t be absorbed. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”