Zhao Liying’s private photo was exposed, and the pelvic orthosis at the head of the bed revealed the bitterness of hundreds of millions of women

It is ridiculous that the people who often say such words are never mothers themselves. These people only know that it is difficult to be a mother, but they have never experienced that kind of suffering and bitterness. < / P > < p > many people just know that it is very painful to give birth to a child, but they can’t feel how much pain it is. The so-called “pain like broken ribs” and “pain of broken chest stones” are also the expression of words and language. Few people really think about: how much is the pain? < p > < p > for Baoma, whose pain threshold is low, the pain of giving birth to a child is really painful. Some of them are so painful that they want to hit the wall with their head, bite their tongue, tear their hearts and lungs, and even want to end their lives It’s true that mothers with high pain sensitivity do have this idea, because it’s so painful. < / P > < p > at the same time, pregnancy and childbirth are also very risky. Although the level of modern medical conditions has been improved, many mothers still have to face the risk of childbirth. It can be said that the delivery room for giving birth to children is a ghost gate. There are too many “difficulties” behind the so-called safe mother and son. According to statistics, 80% of mothers in China will suffer from the sequelae of childbirth more or less. Some of the symptoms are mild, some are very serious, and even the latter half of their lives are affected because of being a mother and giving birth to a baby. < p > < p > after recording the program, Zhao Liying went back to her bedroom and quickly lay down on the bed to “rest her waist”. For mothers less than a year after delivery, the problem of low back pain has plagued almost all mothers. All the tired and sick women will cause waist pain, and many mothers feel the same way. Not only that, careful netizens also found the “black box” at the head of Zhao Liying’s bed. Experienced mothers immediately recognized it as “postpartum pelvic orthosis” and vowed that they had used it. < / P > < p > Yes, the reason why mothers are so familiar with it is that after giving birth to a child, the “pelvis” is not only enlarged, but also accompanied by pain. A private photo reveals the postpartum pain of hundreds of millions of women. Of course, there are many problems of postpartum pain, such as insomnia, postpartum pain, and so on From physiology to psychology, every kind is a test and suffering for mothers. Most mothers can only stand it alone. Many people use “being a mother is just” to highlight the greatness of their mothers, but few people can see through it. This sentence is a kind of lie, a kind of disguised shackle, which locks up the mother’s “complaints” and has experienced childbirth and childbirth After the physical and psychological double torture, mothers should recover as soon as possible, adjust their state and return to the family life of raising children. < / P > < p > not only is it the same as before, but also he can go to the hall, teach the young man, even the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and be a good mother. Behind the simple and easy-to-speak sentences, there is a little-known contribution of the mother, but most of these husbands think it is reasonable. Looking back on the experience of hundreds of millions of mothers, I believe that many people will say with one voice: the practice of becoming a mother is too difficult! < / P > < p > PS: This article is dedicated to the mothers who have given their lives and you who have experienced bitterness. In the comments section, you can share your stories about the suffering of giving birth to babies. Let’s discuss the “path of cultivation” of mothers and children. Please pay attention to us for more knowledge about mother and child care. Please like the article or share it with more people! HEALTHY LIFE