Zhao Ruth is too “grounded”. She recommends 5 kinds of good things, which are really good to use

Recently, Zhao Lu Si’s new play is so sweet that I can’t stop watching it. Zhao’s seventy-two changes are cute and cute. The small interaction between Gu Shengnan and Lu Jin makes sweet people dizzy. < / P > < p > in addition to being loved by many people, Zhao Ruth in life is also very “grounded”. She often shares her good things on social platforms. What’s important is that most of them are affordable. Both office workers and student party members don’t have to be deterred by the high price. Let’s take a look at the cheap and easy-to-use skin care products: < / P > < p > in recent years, various raincoats, such as eyebrow raincoats, eyelash raincoats, etc., are popular in recent years. The effect of fixed makeup is still very good. Make up girls should be very careful when drawing eyelashes, otherwise it is easy to draw “fly legs”, I have experienced. < / P > < p > but it was much better after using the eyelash raincoat. Now the most commonly used eyelash primer is ukiss, which is recommended by Zhao Lusi before planting grass. Compared with similar products, this one is really cheap and easy to use!

recalled that when he first started making up, he bought some Mascara at random. The result was not only easy to draw “fly legs”, but also easy to get rid of makeup. The upper and lower eyes often had something black and dark, which was really “cheap”.

and Zhao Lusi bought this kind of eyelash raincoat. They had been wearing makeup for a long time without losing their hair for a long time. And their eyelashes were clear and their eyes looked more divine. If the eyelashes were good, it would be okay to use mascara directly. < p > < p > Zhao also shared how to apply eyelash base cream. The first step is to curl the eyelashes, turn them up from the eyelash root, and then clip them down gradually. In this way, the curled eyelashes will be more natural and curly. The second step is to apply eyelash primer. Normal smear on eyelashes, brush several times repeatedly, only can do lengthening, won’t form fly leg, also won’t lump. You can still apply mascara or dry eyelashes before you dry. < / P > < p > as we all know, Zhao Lusi’s skin is really super good. However, she will occasionally appear some small acne, after using the pure dew will be much better, the effect of this kind of pure dew is very fast, just out of the acne is generally applied the first night, the next day will be anti-inflammatory. < / P > < p > many girls will often grow some acne and shut their mouth, so you can use this lotion. It contains Verbenone and rosemary extract, which has many nutrients and has a good effect on improving the skin condition. It can remove some “rubbish” from the skin, break down mouth closure and blackheads, and the texture is mild and not very irritating. < / P > < p > now it’s just a season change. Many girls’ skin will gradually start to lack water and dry. You can pour the pure dew on the cotton pad and apply it on the face for 15 minutes. The skin will be more moist. < / P > < p > besides the face, our bodies also need regular care. Our skin will be renewed every 28 days. A simple bath can only remove the dirt on the surface. If you want to remove the “dirty things” in a deeper level and let the blood circulation and metabolism, we still need professional products. It’s not only a scrub, it can also remove the cutin. I grew grass with Zhao Lusi’s rock zoo scrub. < / P > < p > the main function of sanding cream is to remove aged cutin and oil, and make the skin smooth and tender. If you are prone to acne on your body, especially on your back, you must regularly exfoliate your skin. Usually, it is more troublesome to use the scrub cream after cleaning, but this one is more convenient, it is a bath gel and scrub cream two in one product, only need to use the same can play the cleaning and exfoliation function, very convenient. < / P > < p > I’ve bought other products before, but it’s a little painful when it’s rubbed with large particles. This one won’t because it’s softer and melts when it comes to water. It’s very smooth and delicate when used on the skin. The most important thing is that it contains no flavor, alcohol and preservatives. It is very mild. There is no pressure to use sensitive muscles. < / P > < p > the reason why this cream is so popular is that it contains nicotinamide, which can whiten the skin for a long time. For my yellow and black skin is really very friendly, after using for a period of time, it will be whiter than before. < / P > < p > recently, I just ran out of facial cleanser. I bought this aoso mild facial cleanser recommended by Zhao Ruth. Because I am oily, this facial cleanser contains amino acid ingredients, which can balance the acid-base and oil of skin. After using it, the face will not be tight, so it is very comfortable.

also has a more important point. We all know that foam can wash out deep stains, and its foaming power is very fast. It is very suitable for lazy cancer people. < / P > < p > because the main product is amino acid and mild skin cleaning, there are many plant ingredients and moisturizing ingredients in it, which is also suitable for girls with dry skin and oily skin. In addition, it has added the ingredients of prebiotics, without alcohol, essence, pigment and mineral oil, and is also very friendly to sensitive girls. < / P > < p > many people can’t remove most of the plaque only by toothbrush or dental floss, which is easy to breed bacteria, cause halitosis, and even lead to periodontitis, gingivitis and other oral diseases. There is also a big worry in daily life, which is “breath”. Especially after eating garlic or heavy food, I dare not talk to people face to face. And the mouthwash can also reach those places where the toothbrush can’t brush. If you use the mouthwash, as long as you don’t eat, there will be no peculiar smell in your mouth. < / P > < p > there are also stars shooting kissing scenes, because it involves some etiquette and respect issues, many actors will do some basic work before shooting, such as eating chewing gum and taking mouthwash. For example, when sharing with xiaohongshu, Zhao Lushi also said that she would gargle with mouthwash before shooting kissing scenes. She used this Li shidelin Cherry Blossom Peach mouthwash. < / P > < p > Li shidelin is an old brand. His mouthwash has always been popular. It’s mild and has no alcohol. The sterilization rate can reach 99%, and the cleanliness is very high. < p > < p > the five products Zhao used are really popular, and the effect is excellent. The most important price is low price, which can be bought with little money. It is especially suitable for girls with limited budget. In addition to these, Zhao Lu Si daily also recommended many other affordable and easy-to-use products, if you need to remember to leave a message yo. < / P > < p > OK, let’s talk about the cheap and easy-to-use products used by Zhao Ruth today. If you have any questions about fashion and style, please leave a message in the comments area ~ < A= https://luanban.com/dont-want-to-get-pimples-again-acne-you-should-do-this/ target=_ blank>08/16/2020