Zhejiang is planning vaccination work, response from relevant departments

“The world’s first case, Zhejiang launched the new crown vaccination program for the public”, the headline of Singapore website on the 18th was particularly eye-catching. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, which is being reported by the Zhejiang provincial government information office, said at the news conference of the 16 day of the epidemic prevention and control work that Zhejiang is planning the emergency vaccination of the new crown pneumonia vaccine with the advent of the autumn and winter flu season, but has not disclosed the specific implementation date. However, on the 18th, the reporter interviewed the relevant departments and received a reply that at present, Zhejiang has not yet reached the stage of opening the vaccine to the public, and it is still limited to a small number of people for emergency vaccination, “if the vaccine is sufficient, it may be opened to the public.”. Meanwhile, China has launched novel coronavirus pneumonia phase three clinical trials in the world, with hundreds of thousands of people participating. No serious adverse reaction has been found. China’s China novel coronavirus pneumonia is a novel coronavirus pneumonia. The 40 million new cases of new crown pneumonia infection in the world, the UAE media think that China has enviably suppressed the raging new crown virus. The experience and specific practices are worth learning from, and China’s vaccine research and development is also in the forefront of the world, which can build more firewalls for more people from the attack of the new crown pneumonia.

according to Singapore’s report on the 18th, Zhejiang launched the new crown vaccination program for the public. The Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention has purchased vaccines from Beijing Kexing Biological Products Co., Ltd., and will distribute the vaccines to community health centers in the province. The vaccine will be given priority to medical staff and essential personnel, and the public can also be vaccinated at a price of 400 yuan. According to the article, it is believed that this is the world’s first new crown vaccine vaccination program open to the general public. “Russia, which also approved the emergency vaccination of the new crown vaccine, is still limited to the front-line day. According to the introduction of the government departments of Zhejiang Province, the vaccine will be distributed in three stages: the” key guarantee objects “including medical staff and disease prevention and control personnel will be the first to receive the vaccine Next, the “key recommended targets” including the necessary personnel, civil servants and those preparing to go abroad will receive the vaccine; subsequently, the vaccination service will be opened to “ordinary people” aged 18 to 59. However, the report also quoted Zhejiang CDC staff as saying, “we haven’t started vaccinating yet.”. Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, started to provide the public with the new crown inactivated vaccine supplied by Kexing biological Co., Ltd. on the 17th, Qatar al Jazeera television reported on the 18th. The coverage of the vaccine covers key protected objects and other vulnerable groups. “Novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine is purchased for emergency vaccination in Zhejiang,” the

Health Protection Committee of Yiwu, Zhejiang, said in reply to an interview with reporters. 18, the vaccine is “three” clinical trial vaccine, “has not yet been officially registered and listed, and is approved by law for emergency inoculation”. The objects of emergency vaccination are divided into key guarantee objects, key recommended objects and general objects. “According to the follow-up vaccine supply situation and on the premise of voluntary informed consent, our city will gradually carry out on-demand appointment vaccination for general objects.”.

Tao Lina, a vaccine expert in Shanghai, pointed out in an interview on the 18th that he believed this was a “pilot project” before the central government launched the vaccination plan to the whole country. “China has made remarkable achievements in controlling the epidemic situation, so I believe people’s willingness to vaccinate will not be very high,” Tao said

however, name novel coronavirus pneumonia was found on 18 July in Shanghai. A number of people came to consult the new crown pneumonia vaccine in Jiaxing. The consultant was told to leave his name and phone number and wait for the notification.

an immunology expert who asked for anonymity told reporters on the 18th that the information released by the Zhejiang provincial government did not clearly explain how to promote it among general objects, so it is impossible to infer whether more provinces will follow suit or promote the new crown vaccination at the national level. The emergency vaccination targets in Zhejiang Province are divided into key guarantee objects, key recommended objects and general objects. However, at present, the National Health Commission has not released relevant information. He believes that “we need to wait patiently”.

although it has not been officially promoted to the general public, the popularity of vaccines in China has been very high. Recently, UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdallah showed a picture of him vaccinating on social media: “the new crown vaccine is one of the ways we can get back to normal life.” Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a newly vaccinated UAE official, also shared the pictures in social media, entitled “inoculation of new crown pneumonia vaccine, which is the result of successful cooperation between UAE and China Pharmaceutical Group, Ota Iba.” Previously, UAE health and prevention minister alovis and Egyptian Health Minister Khali were also volunteers and vaccinated with Chinese vaccines.

according to local media reports, as of October 18, 2300 people in Egypt have received clinical trials of the new crown vaccine, and a total of 6000 people are planned for clinical trials. Nuha, an adviser to the Egyptian Health Minister, revealed on the 15th that Egypt is coordinating with China to carry out production immediately after the effectiveness is proved, and will formulate a vaccine distribution mechanism.

earlier, Philippine President duterte said enthusiastically in a video of a public speech released on the 14th that he was waiting for China or Russia to call him – “then I would be happy to roll up my sleeves, because I am confident in their vaccine”.

in the past month, the United Arab Emirates has provided a Chinese vaccine to thousands of medical workers, teachers, airport staff and government officials, which is the largest emergency use plan for vaccines outside China, it said on the 17th. A total of 31000 volunteers from 125 countries participated in clinical trials in the UAE. A senior Indonesian Health official said Indonesia plans to launch a similar emergency vaccination program as early as next month, involving three Chinese vaccines. China has agreed to provide 100000 doses of vaccine to Indonesia from November and another 15 million to 20 million doses in 2021, the report said.

at the invitation of the African Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs and sinopharma group, 51 envoys and senior diplomats from African countries in China visited and inspected the Beijing Institute of biological products of sinopharma group. Algeria reported that China organized African diplomats to visit the Beijing vaccine factory to show the world the transparency, safety and reliability of its vaccine development. China will also fulfill its promise that the vaccine will benefit African countries first. This reflects China’s feelings for Africa and its position of consistently supporting and helping Africa, which has moved and praised Africans.

some western media also questioned the use of vaccines in China. Britain said on the 18th that “China uses a new crown vaccine that has not yet completed clinical tests” and that vaccinating the public before a conclusion can be drawn from strict testing will bring “huge health risks”. Some media believe that China has given priority to providing vaccines to African and Southeast Asian countries in order to “repair the image of a big country” and that “vaccine diplomacy” is also ready to go after “mask diplomacy”.

Professor Zhang Yiwu of Peking University told reporters on the 18th that vaccines are not competitions, but efforts to care for human life. Now that China’s efforts are undoubtedly at the forefront of the world, some people in the West are very anxious. Their reports are full of the sense that they cannot lose. This idea is very strong, so we must be critical of Chinese vaccines. Novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine is currently being tested in the world, including 10 of the three clinical trials, according to the latest WHO statistics. 42 new global crown vaccines have been carried out worldwide.

has been used in clinical trials. Other clinical trials are still in phase I or phase II, and another 156 vaccine trials are in preclinical development stage.

on the 18th, four vaccines in China have entered the third phase of clinical trials, one of which is adenovirus vector vaccine and the other three are inactivated vaccine. Pakistan, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia and the United Arab Emirates participated in the third phase test of inactivated vaccine in China. As of September, 350000 front-line personnel had been vaccinated, and no serious side effects have been reported so far, the spokesman said. An immunology expert who asked for anonymity told reporters on the 18th that Lilly and Johnson & Johnson have suspended clinical trials of new coronal vaccines or therapies due to safety problems. So far, the credibility of Chinese vaccines in the international market is relatively high.

as the world is eagerly looking forward to the popularization and use of vaccines, the global epidemic situation has fallen into a new round of outbreak period, represented by the United States and Europe. According to Johns Hopkins University, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were more than 39 million 730 thousand and more than 1 million 110 thousand deaths were reported at 8 pm on 18 Beijing time. According to cable day, the number of new infections in the United States reached a low of 34300, and on October 16, it rose sharply to 69100.

with the outbreak of the epidemic on the European continent once again, a series of new strict restrictions came into effect on the 17th. In London, residents of any place in the country are prohibited from having close contact with people from outside the country since the 17th. A curfew was imposed in 12 major cities in France on the 17th. German Chancellor Angela Merkel once again urged citizens to “stay at home” on the 17th. Austrian foreign minister shallenberg and Belgian foreign minister vermees were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus on the 17th. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is expected to be released in late 2020 or early 2021 in Kentucky, and the general public in 4 million 400 thousand of the 18 people in the state is expected to wait another long time or longer, according to a report from

. At present, nearly 87000 Kentucky people have been infected with the new coronavirus, and more than 1300 cases have died. Hong Kong published an editorial on the 18th, saying that, except for a few countries such as China, many countries in the world seem to be unable to control the new coronavirus, and only hope that the vaccine can be successfully developed as soon as possible. However, novel coronavirus pneumonia will not be fully prevented worldwide even if the vaccine is supplied in large quantities, there will still be problems of refusing to vaccinated by rich people and insufficient vaccines in poor countries. 08/16/2020