Zhejiang Jinhua notice: teachers and students will not travel across provinces in principle during winter vacation

On December 1, Zhejiang Jinhua Education Bureau printed and distributed it. Come and have a look at the specific arrangements! The final examination will be held from January 31 to February 1, 2021. Students will have a holiday on February 4 and teachers will have a holiday on February 5. Senior high school is scheduled to hold the final examination from February 1 to 4, 2021. Senior one and senior two students will have a holiday on February 4, senior three students will have a holiday on February 5, and teachers will have a holiday on February 6. All schools should seriously organize the final examination, and do a good job in proposition, examination, marking and analysis. The examination content should meet the requirements of quality education, embody the spirit of curriculum reform, be connected with social practice and students’ life experience, and pay attention to the ability of students to analyze and solve problems. Discipline and examination style should be serious. There are non written examinations in the lower grades of primary schools. < p > < p > 2. Do a good job in term work summary, assessment, evaluation and filing of documents and materials. We should strengthen the management of students’ electronic status, input the relevant information of students’ growth files in the management system of primary and secondary schools in time, and handle the procedures of changing students’ status. Complete the growth record, credit registration and comprehensive quality evaluation of senior high school students on time. The electronic student status management system will be upgraded automatically on February 9, 2021. 3. We should conscientiously implement the provincial and municipal deployment of “improving quality and reducing burden”, and strictly control the total amount of students’ winter vacation homework. The lower grades of primary school do not assign written winter vacation homework, so that students can really spend a happy and peaceful winter vacation. In line with the principle of proximity, convenience and safety, schools can properly arrange some practical activities such as science and technology, culture, art, sports, housekeeping, etc., and participate in the publicity of “five water co governance”, garbage classification, prevention of food waste and social investigation and community service of the establishment of civilized city.

4, novel coronavirus pneumonia should be well coordinated and prevented and controlled by other measures. Guard the school gate, strengthen the access control of personnel during the winter vacation, and strictly implement the visitor registration system of “temperature measurement + light code + identity verification”. To strengthen source control, teachers and students leaving school are required not to go to the key areas of epidemic situation at home and abroad, and do not travel across provinces in principle. If they really need to leave Zhejiang, they must report to the school for record. School sports facilities will be closed to the public. Carry out patriotic health campaign on campus, advocate civilized, green and healthy lifestyle, effectively implement students’ physical exercise time of more than 1 hour every day, and continue to keep good habits such as washing hands frequently, “one meter line”, anti gathering, wearing masks and keeping social distance. Carry out various forms of prevention and control of common infectious diseases and knowledge publicity and education activities. It is necessary to further do a good job in daily scheduling and timely report information. It is necessary to strictly implement the provincial and municipal regulations on carrying out the special rectification work of making up classes in primary and secondary schools in violation of regulations and paying tutors for in-service teachers. It is strictly forbidden for primary and secondary schools to organize and require students to attend paid supplementary courses; it is strictly forbidden for primary and secondary schools to jointly carry out paid supplementary courses with training institutions outside the school; it is strictly forbidden for primary and secondary schools to provide educational and teaching facilities or student information for paid supplementary courses for off-campus training institutions; it is strictly prohibited for on-the-job primary and secondary school teachers to organize, recommend and induce students to participate in paid remedial courses inside and outside the school; and it is strictly prohibited for on-the-job primary and secondary school teachers to participate in It is forbidden for teachers in primary and secondary schools to introduce students and provide relevant information for off campus training institutions and others. All educational administrative departments and primary and secondary schools should implement their responsibilities, strengthen the supervision of paid make-up courses by means of investigation and secret visits, and seriously investigate and deal with schools and teachers who are engaged in paid supplementary courses in accordance with the law and regulations. Before the holiday, the school should carry out a holiday safety education for students, especially the safety education in transportation and food hygiene. We should educate students to abide by the relevant provisions on the prohibition of fireworks and firecrackers, not to participate in gambling and disguised gambling, not to engage in superstitious activities, not to read unhealthy books and periodicals, and not to indulge in online games. Schools should ask parents to do a good job in safety education and supervision of their children in the form of “a letter to parents” before the holiday. Teachers should make use of holidays to carry out family visits in a planned way. It is necessary to do a good job in sorting out the school property and repairing the school buildings, strengthen the security work, arrange the personnel on duty, implement the safety responsibility system, and do a good job of fire prevention and anti-theft. We should make full use of the winter vacation to make preparations for the beginning of the next semester to ensure the smooth start of the new semester. The list of personnel on duty in winter vacation of schools directly under the municipal government shall be reported to the Municipal Education Bureau office before February 2, 2021. 2