Zhong Nanshan’s letter to Qingdao primary school students

Zhang Xuanyu, a student of Xiangjiang Road No.1 Primary School in Qingdao’s West Coast new area, saw on TV that academician Zhong Nanshan worked day and night for the sake of people’s health, and was immediately impressed with respect. Zhang Xuanyu quietly wrote a letter to academician Zhong Nanshan.

she wrote in her letter: “grandfather Zhong, when we take off our masks, I would like to invite you to visit Qingdao. We have Laoshan Mountain, Lingshan Island, beautiful Tangdao Bay, delicious Tsingtao beer, delicious barbecue, and many interesting scenic spots and food. Grandfather, I’m waiting for you in Qingdao. You must take care of yourself. I love you. I wish you take good care of your health and every day!

to her surprise, on the eve of the 71st anniversary of the founding of the Chinese young pioneers on October 13, she actually received a letter from academician Zhong Nanshan.

this valuable reply is from Guangzhou Institute of respiratory diseases. In the letter, he wrote: just as a young student, he would like to be in the prime of his life; he would like to devote himself to Xinglin to testify the truth. The writing is strong and the expectation is keen. It was signed as Zhong Nanshan.

“a country is wise when it is young, rich when it is young, and strong when it is young.” The title of the reply is: to the youth. It can be seen that this letter was written to primary school students in Qingdao, and also to primary school students in China. Focus